Our former staff member Christian Lavery reviews the Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.2 in the Grampians, Australia.

The Alpha Pot Set 2.2 comes with the following pieces:

  • Two pots (one 2.7-litre; one 1.2-litre)
  • Two mugs (each of them with a lid and insulator)
  • Two bowls
  • Dish cloth

Each pot has a built-in handle, which is a handy feature because it means you can't lose the handle (which often comes as a separate piece in a lot of camping pot sets). Almost every part of the handle is metal, which means it's durable.

One feature of this set is the strainer built into the lids. There's also a single hole for pouring hot liquid into your mug. These are good features – well thought out.

What's more, the top of both lids have a little silicone grip that you can use to easily pick up the lid without burning yourself. (It doubles as a keeper, when you pack the pots up). There's also another little silicone part on the lid's underside, which clips the lids to the pots.

This set is ideal for two people on the trail. "I'd recommend this for somebody just starting out trekking, but as well as for people that have been doing all those things for a long time but are upgrading," says Christian. "Overall: great set – I highly recommend it."

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