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Down vs Synthetic Sleeping Bags

24/04/2014 10:35 am

Down vs Synthetic Sleeping Bags We are often asked the benefits of down filled vs synthetic sleeping bags. Both types have advantages and disadvantages but to put it simply for virtually all of the outdoor activities that our customers are involved in down is the better choice and this is reflected in our range.

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Comments | Posted in Climbing Hiking Ski Travel Cycle Touring By Neil Blundy

The Ortlieb Story

7/03/2014 1:33 pm

Original Ortlieb Panniers Back in 1981 Hartmut Ortlieb was a young cycle adventurer with a wet sleeping bag and damp clothing standing forlornly roadside in an English Spring downpour. So the story goes, a delivery truck chortles past sporting a canvas tarp with dry and intact contents within. Hartmut has an "A-ha" moment and converts his misfortune into creativity, returning home to knock up a pack-like container out of red truck tarp, some webbing strap and hooks from the hardware store.

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Cycling across Java and Bali

31/07/2013 3:26 pm

Back in 2010 I had an epic cycle tour across Vietnam, so when a group of friends started talking about a similar trip to Indonesia I was instantly interested. The plan was to fly in to Jakarta and then somehow make it across Java to Bali, taking in as many volcanoes and back roads as we could.

Java is renowned for its volcanoes, so naturally the route was planned to cross as many as possible. It wasn't until we started on our way up to Dieng Plateau that we started to comprehend what this really meant!

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2 Comments | Posted in Cycle Touring Trip Inspiration By David Blundy

At Bogong we stock a huge range of quality sleeping bags – over 50 models at last count – and it can be pretty hard to make a decision. I’ve written this guide to a few of the best options for particular purposes. This is not the be all and end all of sleeping bag advice, but hopefully it’s a useful guide to get you started on choosing the best sleeping bag for you.

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Comments | Posted in Climbing Hiking Ski Travel Cycle Touring By David Blundy

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