Exped sleeping mats

Exped sleeping mats.

In Exped's sleeping mat range, there are over 30 different models. Ranging from Exped's flagship DownMats, to the Ultralight models, to the luxurious Comfort range, Exped sleeping mats have won numerous outdoor equipment industry awards around the world.

Exped has achieved this this by paying special attention to every detail in their mats. The end result is a range of sleeping mats that are warm, comfortable, lightweight, durable and very compact.

Exped's ethos is about minimalism: the best materials and design, refined back to the basics. If you like clean design combined with maximum functionality, Exped is for you.

The Exped team is full of passionate outdoor enthusiasts. They've been developing gear for expeditions, backpacking and everyday use since 1997.

Exped's sleeping mat range is complex – to make it easier, here's an easy-to-use guide.

(Click here to see Exped's naming conventions explained.)

Exped DownMat

Down-insulated sleeping mat with an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio.

The DownMat collection is Exped's flagship range of premier, down-insulated sleeping mats. They're infinitely warmer and more compact than any other comparable mat of similar weight.

Exped DownMats feature down insulation. Down dramatically reduces heat loss, as demonstrated by EMPA – the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research. Exped only uses IDFL-certified goose down, which is specially treated to eliminate the effects of humidity that may reach the mat’s interior.

Compared to other insulated mats, DownMats pack smaller. This is because down compresses extremely well.

A thick cushion of air in each mat also provides comfort and smooths out uneven ground.

Each model has an in-built pump.

  • DownMats are unmatched for winter camping and sleeping on snow.
  • You can use a lighter weight sleeping bag with a DownMat to achieve consistent overall comfort, and still reduce weight and bulk.
  • FlatValve technology and seams are high-frequency welded for durability.

Ideal for: Winter camping, expeditions

See our Exped DownMat range here.

Exped DownMat UL

Super-light down-insulated sleeping mat.

The Exped DownMat UL is the ultralight version of the Exped DownMat.

DownMat ULs sport identically high R-values to Exped DownMats. Yet, their weight and packed size are in a league of their own. The DownMat Ultralight series offers the same warmth as the standard DownMat, at a 25% weight saving.

So, if you want a high performance, really light mat, this is the one for you. Like all ultralight products, there are compromises. So, choose carefully.

  • No integrated pump like the DownMat. Instead, a pump bag is included.
  • Fabric is much lighter, therefore less durable.
  • Two-year guarantee (five years for standard mat).
  • Convenient inflation and deflation valves using FlatValve technology.

Ideal for: Lightweight winter hiking

See our Exped DownMat UL range here.

Exped SynMat

Comfortable, light, packable sleeping mat.

Exped SynMats are not as warm as DownMats, but they offer the same comfort, low weight and compact packed size. The weight-to-warmth ratio in an Exped SynMat is far superior to standard foam-filled sleeping mats.

Exped SynMat sleeping mats are microfibre-filled airmats. They are super comfortable, warmer and lighter than comparable mats. Since the fibre compresses well, SynMats also pack extremely small.

SynMats do not reach the insulating properties of the DownMats. But, they come at a lower price point, because synthetic fibre is lower cost than the goose down found in DownMats.

  • FlatValve Technology
  • Integrated pump
  • Repair kit included

Ideal for: Hiking

See our Exped SynMat range here.

Exped SynMat UL

Super-light comfortable sleeping mat.

The Exped SynMat UL range is for those looking for the ultimate in lightweight performance: only 460 grams for a full-length comfort mat.

Exped SynMat sleeping mats are airmats filled with synthetic fibre. They're comfortable and super lightweight.

The mats pack down small thanks to exceedingly compressible microfibre.

The new ultralight fabrics are extremely lightweight, yet robust. The abrasion resistance is high, however puncture resistance is lower than with the standard SynMat.

They're not as warm as standard SynMats or DownMats, but they're still fine for most Australian hiking conditions. Bear in mind, ultralight products always have compromises. Similarly to the DownMat UL range, you'll need to choose carefully.

  • No integrated pump like the SynMat. Instead, a pump bag is included.
  • Fabric is much lighter, therefore less durable.
  • Two-year guarantee (five years for standard SynMat).
  • Convenient inflation and deflation valves using FlatValve technology.
  • High-frequency welded seams
  • Repair kit included

Ideal for: Hiking, Lightweight hiking

See our Exped SynMat UL range here.

Exped SIM Comfort

Thick, comfortable self-inflating sleeping mat.

Exped SIM Comfort sleeping mats are self-inflating. ('SIM' stands for Self Inflating Mat.) They're exceptionally comfortable, and ideal at base camps or for using in a campervan. At home, Exped SIM Comfort sleeping mats also make the ideal back-up guest bed.

Self-inflating Exped SIM Comfort sleeping mats are covered in velvety soft Tricot fabric that is really thick and sinfully comfortable. The supersoft yet durable fabric is embossed with a honeycomb structure that's both comfortable next to your skin and slip-resistant.

The laminated Airblock film is made of PU-Ether. It is absolutely hydrolysis resistant, making it leakproof even if humidity accumulates while you inflate it.

Exped SIM Comfort sleeping mats are surprisingly lightweight thanks to air cores in the foam.

  • All models feature Velcro strips on the side seams that allow two or more mats to be joined together.

Ideal use: Car camping, base camping, guest bed at home

See our Exped SIM Comfort range here.

SIM Lite

Lightweight self-inflating sleeping mat.

Exped SIM Lite sleeping mats are self-inflating, traditional-style sleeping mats. They're extremely lightweight, thanks to hollow air channels in their design. They're also comfortable, slip resistant, well-priced and durable.

Exped's SIM Lite range uses FlatValve Technology. These durable, easy-to-use units are comprised of two valves: one for inflation and one for deflation. One-way flaps on the valves stop air from escaping while it inflates, and prevents air from re-entering when you deflate and roll it up. Exped is the first manufacturer worldwide to incorporate these innovative valves.

  • FlatValves are designed to be flat and non-protruding.
  • Made of soft PU without sharp edges, these valves are more durable than traditional ones.

Ideal use: Hiking

See our Exped SIM Lite range here.

Exped Naming Conventions

When you start doing your research on Exped sleeping mats, it can be puzzling trying to decipher the names that Exped gives to its sleeping bags. What, for instance, is the difference between an Exped Downmat 7 M and an Exped DownMat 9 LW?

Here's an explainer:

  • UL: Ultralight
  • HL: Hyperlite

  • 7 (or 3.8, or 5, or 7.5, or 9, or 10): Refers to the mat's height in centimetres.

  • XS: Extra short mat length (120cm)
  • S: Short mat length (163cm)
  • M: Medium mat length (183cm)
  • MW: Medium mat length (183cm), wider width
  • LW: Long mat length (197cm), wider width
  • LXW: Long mat length (197cm), extra wide width
  • Duo: Long mat length (197cm), double-width

See our range of Exped sleeping mats.

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