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Quick Overview

The Revolver is a unique piece of kit which offers very real benefits to the climber.  The pulley wheel reduces friction making upward progress a lot easier and is ideal for marginal gear placements.




The DMM Revolver carabiner is well-established as part of a comprehensive trad leading rack. It is a unique piece of kit which offers very real benefits to the climber. So, what does it do? In simple terms the carabiner uses rolling friction rather than the sliding friction of the rope over the bar typified by a standard carabiner. In this case the rope rolls over the pulley wheel, which means much less friction is created. Less friction means less force holding the climber back, which makes upward progress a lot easier. A perfect 'biner for marginal gear placements as the fall force is reduced by the rolling friction.

  • Reduces rope drag
  • Kinder to your rope
  • Rescue-hauling options
  • I-beam construction
  • Hot forged
  • Made in Wales

  • Major Axis: 24kN
  • Minor Axis: 7kN
  • Gate Open: 9kN
  • Weight: 51g
  • Dimensions: 59 x 103mm
  • Gate opening: 24mm

Additional Information

Brand DMM
For safety reasons: No returns on rated climbing or access equipment.
This exclusion does not affect your right to an exchange or refund for faulty goods.


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