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Bogong Information Sessions 2019

This year, we're bringing back our most popular info sessions from the last few years, including 'Gear Care & Repair' and 'Navigating with Map & Compass', with a full-day field trip.

All sessions (except our field trip) are held at Bogong Equipment, in our upstairs showroom, from 6pm. The format is fairly casual, with the opportunity to ask questions as we go. The session usually winds up in an hour and a half, so that everyone can get home, and our speakers are generally happy to answer more detailed questions after the session.

Sessions kick off in April...

Click here for info on past sessions.

NEW! Backcountry Safety, with Luka Szczepanik and Simon Murray

Wednesday 19 June, 6pm to 7.30pm

Thinking of going ‘backcountry’ in the Vic Alps?

At this info session, you'll unpack a bunch of tips, tricks, watch outs and backcountry life hacks that will make your next/first backcountry trip safer and more fun forevermore.

To run this Bogong Info Session, we've invited Luka Szczepanik and Simon Murray of Alpine Access and Mountain Sports Collective respectively. They'll impart the full gamut of the Australian backcountry experience. From poo tubing to pole probing, no details are off-piste with these two.

Luka Szczepanik is an AST1 Instructor & Guide with Canadian Avalanche Association Operations Level 1 and Wilderness First Aid. He is a backcountry snowboarder and has been touring Main Range NSW and the Victorian Alps for several years.

Simon Murray is from Mountain Sports Collective, a backcountry user group that delivers an Alpine Travel Advisory with up-to-date information on snow conditions in the Australian Alps.

This evening will give you the tools to how to turn your weekend of horror blizzards, wet socks and near misses into one of tranquil sunsets, steep chutes and long alpine traverses.

No bookings required. All public welcome.

Backcountry Safety Gear

Luka and Simon

NEW! Dan's Highline Introduction

Tuesday 25 June, 6pm to 7.30pm

Slackliners and aspiring highliners! Keen to learn more about rigging and highlining? We happen to have a highliner on staff: Dan is running an info night where he'll talk about gear, knots, rigging and de-rigging techniques, ropes, spansets, rope protection, taping the line, modern-day tensioning and essential gear that will help you.

Note: This info session will not teach you to set up your own highline. If you have never set up a slackline before, this session isn't for you. This is a session aimed at people who already have elementary slackline knowledge and skills, who are looking to improve knowledge on highlining.

No bookings required. All slackliners welcome.

Dan Slackman

Gear Care and Repair, with Merv Trease

Wednesday 2 October, 6pm

Quality outdoor gear can last for many years, if you know how to take care of it. But after a few years, it's not quite like new. Maybe a bird flew into your tent fly, the floor leaks a bit, your Gore-Tex doesn't bead like it used to. With the right expertise you can rectify these little problems and get many more years out of your gear.

Merv retired from Bogong after working for us for many years. He has been heavily involved in the outdoors all his life. His main interests are cross-country skiing, rogaining and long bushwalks. For many years, he worked in education, training outdoor educators. He's also very involved in Victoria's Bush Search & Rescue Unit. In spring 2013, Merv walked the Australian Alpine Walking Track from end to end. Read more about Merv on Bogong's 'Our Team' page.

No bookings required. All public welcome.

Gear Care and Repair

Here's the full program of info sessions for 2019. Put these dates in your diary:

Date Time Topic Location
Monday 29 April 6pm Navigation Workshop at Bogong (Navigating with Map & Compass), with Merv Trease Bogong
Sunday 5 May ALL DAY Navigation FIELD TRIP, with Merv Trease Somewhere in the bush
Wednesday 19 June 6pm NEW! Backcountry Safety, with Luka Szczepanik and Simon Murray Bogong
Tuesday 25 June 6pm NEW! Dan's Highline Introduction Bogong
Wednesday 2 October 6pm Gear Care and Repair, with Merv Trease (Tents, Sleeping Bags and Rainwear) Bogong

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