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Bogong Information Sessions 2018

This year, we're bringing back our most popular info sessions from the last few years, including 'Gear Care & Repair' and 'Navigating with Map & Compass', with a full-day field trip.

All sessions (except our field trip) are held at Bogong Equipment, in our upstairs showroom, from 6pm. The format is fairly casual, with the opportunity to ask questions as we go. The session usually winds up in an hour so that everyone can get home, and our speakers are generally happy to answer more detailed questions after the session.

Sessions kick off in March...

DMM iD Demo Night, with Bogong industrial access manager HP Gluck

Tuesday 6 March, 6pm

Heard of DMM iD? Find out how it works. This PPE safety management system is revolutionary; simplifying and speeding up your inspection process as well as reducing the likelihood of human error. Using RFiD technology, you can tag all your gear without worrying about the serial number wearing off.

At this info night, we'll have a range of DMM iD equipment for you to demo yourself. Plus, each person who attends this info session will receive three DMM iD tags – FREE – that you can attach to your own personal gear. Bring your three items of gear in – we recommend a helmet, harness and piece of hardware (such as a descender).

For more information, visit our DMM iD Demo Night page.


Salomon Trail Night, with Lucy Bartholomew and Paul Day

Wednesday 14 March, 6pm

In a Bogong first, we'll be hosting an evening on trail running, with guest speakers Lucy Bartholomew and Paul Day.

Paul Day is a trail runner and tech guru who will be talking about GPS – how it works, and solving common problems people have with using GPS. Paul Day is a Beta Tester for Suunto – one of a small number of athletes working on the design of Suunto watches at a global level. He knows his stuff.

Lucy Bartholomew barely needs an introduction, but we'll give you one anyway. This young gun is currently one of Australia's biggest trail stars. At age 16, she took part in her first 100km race, along Victoria's Surf Coast. Since then, she's since placed 1st female at a number of world-renown ultra trail races, including Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km (South Africa), Ultra-Trail Australia 100km (Blue Mountains) and Motatapu Ultra 50km (New Zealand).

Lucy and Paul, Salomon

Gear Care and Repair, with Merv Trease

Wednesday 18 April, 6pm

Quality outdoor gear can last for many years, if you know how to take care of it. But after a few years, it's not quite like new. Maybe a bird flew into your tent fly, the floor leaks a bit, your Gore-Tex doesn't bead like it used to. With the right expertise you can rectify these little problems and get many more years out of your gear.

Merv retired from Bogong after working for us for many years. He has been heavily involved in the outdoors all his life. His main interests are cross-country skiing, rogaining and long bushwalks. For many years, he worked in education, training outdoor educators. He's also very involved in Victoria's Bush Search & Rescue Unit. In spring 2013, Merv walked the Australian Alpine Walking Track from end to end. Read more about Merv on Bogong's 'Our Team' page.

Gear Care and Repair

Mountaineering in Peru, with Gavin Lang

Thursday 24 May, 6pm

Peru's Cordillera Blanca is a mountaineer's dream. Cheaper to travel to than Europe or North America, Peru also easy to get to and offers climbers relatively stable weather patterns. The mountains – there's a wide variety of peaks – aren't too high, yet they still give you that 'big' mountain exposure. It's the perfect place for independent climbing. If you've been thinking of making a trip overseas, come and get all the info you need.

This info session is hosted by Gavin Lang – a New Zealand–based mountain guide and adventure photographer with intimate knolwedge of Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountain region. He runs his own guiding company, First Light Guiding.

Tocllaraju summit, Gavin Lang Photography

Navigating with Map & Compass, with Merv Trease

Wednesday 13 June, 6pm

In these days of GPS and mobile phones, is the old map and compass becoming obsolete? Well, not if Merv has anything to do with it! If your screen breaks, your batteries go flat, or water gets into your electronic device, you'll need to fall back on navigating the old-fashioned way.

Over the past few years, Navigating with Map & Compass has been our most popular session, which shows us that many people are keen to hone their understanding of this essential bush safety skill.

This is an interactive session, with maps for all (maps may need to be shared, depending on the turnout!). Please bring a compass if you have one.

To really practise your skills, sign up for our field trip too (details below).


Navigation Field Trip, with Merv Trease

Saturday 23 June, ALL DAY

A full day out in the bush, practising the skills you learnt at the evening info session. (Attendance at the Bogong Info Session is essential if you would like to participate in the field day.)

Will be at a Victorian Rogaining Association event. You will be required to enter the VRA event which carries its own insurance for participants. There will be fee of around $30 to enter.

You will need:

  • Your own transport to the event
  • Daypack, water bottle, snacks or lunch, hat, sunscreen, wet weather gear
  • Compass
  • Fitness and agility to walk 15km over 6 hours
  • Pre-registration for this field trip is essential. (Registrations are not open yet.)


Here's the full program of info sessions for 2018. Put these dates in your diary:

Date Time Topic Location
Tuesday 6 March 6pm DMM iD Demo Night, with HP Gluck Bogong
Wednesday 14 March 6pm Salomon Trail Night, with Lucy Bartholomew and Paul Day Bogong
Wednesday 18 April 6pm Gear Care and repair, with Merv Trease (Tents, Sleeping Bags and Rainwear) Bogong
Thursday 24 May 6pm Mountaineering in Peru, with Gavin Lang Bogong
Wednesday 13 June 6pm Navigating with Map & Compass, with Merv Trease Bogong
Saturday 23 June ALL DAY FIELD DAY – Navigation, with Merv Trease Somewhere in the bush

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