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A genius device for protecting ropes from sharp edges in a rope access / industrial access scenario. Made of high-density nylon, it can be attached to grid mesh with the supplied cord to protect ropes from wear. Learn more...




The Mac-pro is a simple little device used for protecting ropes from sharp edges. Used in the rope access industry.

Made from a heavy-duty nylon compound, it can withstand rope wear and high surface temperatures. It has a smooth edge. Useful if you're threading a rope through the aperture of typical steel grid-mesh, for instance.

  • Fits one or two 11mm or 13mm industrial static ropes
  • Can be secured to grid mesh with the supplied cord to prevent it from becoming a dropped object
  • Max. service temperature 170˚C
  • Extremely high protection against UV degradation
  • High-density nylon to prevent material crushing
  • High wear resistance facilitating lowering off personnel in emergency scenarios

"These mac-pros are awesome and so convenient. No more backyard fixes for protecting rope thru grid mesh."
—Tom Jackson, IRATA Level 3, 9 years rope access experience

"Small, light, convenient, practical. It's a really good piece of gear and I recommend every rope tech in heavy industry and rope access has one in their kit."
—Ben Vince, IRATA Level 3, 8 years rope experience

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