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The AVAO line of harnesses was designed for greater comfort in any situation: fall protection, positioning and suspension.




The AVAO line of harnesses was designed for greater comfort in any situation: fall protection, positioning and suspension.

The X-shaped dorsal construction wraps to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension. They are also ergonomic, adjusting easily and quickly at the waistbelt and shoulder straps. In case of a fall on the dorsal attachment point, the weight is taken up on the leg loops, allowing the user to remain suspended longer while awaiting rescue.

  • Wide leg loops for an ideal compromise between comfort and mobility.
  • Directional connector for quick and easy donning of harness.
  • The dorsal construction of the AVAO is X-shaped to more completely envelop the user. This design optimally distributes pressure in order to guarantee great comfort during prolonged suspension.
  • The waistbelt and the leg loops of the AVAO harness are wide enough to limit pressure points and ensure effective support. These two zones are also lined with perforated foam for a more comfortable feel and good ventilation. The semi-rigid, pre-shaped construction of the waistbelt and leg loops makes the harness easy to put on.
  • The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce potential neck chafing.
  • The AVAO harness may be adjusted at the waistbelt and shoulder straps. The adjustment points are equipped with selflocking DoubleBack buckles. These do not require re-threading to be locked: the harness adjusts easily in seconds.
  • To facilitate donning the harness with the feet on the ground or with larger footwear, the AVAO harness is also available with new FAST automatic buckles on the leg loops. Once adjusted, these buckles open and close easily and quickly - the harness can be put on without adjusting all the buckles.
  • AVAO harnesses are equipped with six equipment loops: on the sides and at the rear of the waistbelt. They are shaped to facilitate clipping carabiners.
  • Each harness also has retainers designed for the CARITOOL tool holder and the TOOLBAG pouch.
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    Brand PETZL
    Industrial Harness
    For safety reasons: No returns on rated climbing or access equipment.
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