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Sponsorship from Bogong Equipment

Raising money for your favourite cause while indulging in one of your favourite adventure activities – hiking, cycling, climbing mountains, adventure travelling - is a perfect fit.

It’s little wonder then that so many individuals commit themselves to the challenge of taking on an outdoor adventure, often in more forbidding territory than most people would ever contemplate.

And it's also little wonder that hundreds of adventurers contact Bogong Equipment every year, asking us to support a whole range of worthwhile adventure related projects, clubs, events, races and endeavours. Often these are linked to any of a plethora of fund raising activities. We feel 100% empathy with such ventures. After all, all of us work at Bogong Equipment because we are passionate about the outdoors.

This creates a dilemma. It is in our customer service ethos to treat every customer equally. We regard every adventurer who walks into our store, or visits our website, as a good cause. If we offered free goods or a discount to somebody because she was hiking from one end of Africa to the other, it wouldn't be very fair on the previous customer who paid full whack. We have customers every day doing amazing things all around the globe.

Instead we sincerely believe the best service we can offer our customers is to run a small independent store and online store.

  •  A store with a world-class range of adventure equipment and services, so there's every chance we'll have what you require.
  •  A store that endeavours to cater for every adventurer: beginner or expert, young or old, man or woman, rich or poor.
  •  A store staffed by enthusiasts who take a pride in offering sound advice.
  •  A store where, even if your great adventure is just a weekend daywalk, you will be treated with the same respect and equality as would the adventurer riding from Mongolia to Paris.
  •  A store, we trust, you would actually want to visit.

    Bogong and its owners support a number of causes that are of our choosing. These mainly support the great outdoors and our outdoor environments which are the places that we all know and love. By supporting such causes we are in turn supporting you our customers. We have also been supporting the people of Nepal for some time, and recent events have simply reinforced that this support needs to continue and be ongoing, supporting the Nepalese in a sustainable way.

    Given such commitments, I hope you understand why, even though we are with you in spirit, we politely decline nearly every individual request for sponsorship.