A Visitors Guide To New Zealand National Parks


Quick Overview

Informative overview of all New Zealand's National Parks.

New Zealanders are justifiably proud of their country's natural heritage, aptly described by the Maori as a "taonga", or "treasure". They enjoy endless recreational activities in this country's network of protected parks, reserves and wildlife sancturaries, five of which have been granted World Heritage status. The diverse natural landscapes and ecoloical habitats range from active volcanoes and glaciers to subtropical beaches and rainforests, allowing visitors to participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits. This book features 35 of these wilderness areas. Through the text, detailed maps, visitor information boxes and colour images, this book takes the reader on a journey through the natural wonders of this beautiful part of the world.

About the Author

Kathy Ombler is a New Zealand freelance writer whose interests include ecotourism, conservation and travel. She has written a number of books and magazine articles and has also been involved in a range of research and writing work for park management and conservation organizations. The photographs for this book have been selected from the work of a variety of respected natural-history photographers. The images convey the visual splendour of New Zealand's scenery and provide close-up detail.

  • hardback
  • 176 pages

  • ISBN 1859745245

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