Quick Overview

Extra Long Industrial BetaStick extends to 18 feet or 5.5 metres.

Telescopic poles complete with anatomical head unit designed specifically
to operate with double and triple locking Karabiners for remote clipping of
load bearing attachment points (most commonly harness D rings and eye
bolts) in safe working at height and fall arrest situations

XL Industrial BetaStick
• extends to 18ft (5.49m)
• compresses to 46.5'' (118cm)
• only recommended for task orientation where other lengths are
insufficient as clipping remotely at this length is more involved 

BetaStick Industrial – potential applications
BetaStick is currently being used in a wide range of working at height scenarios,
providing trained operatives with potential remote clipping solutions 

The most common uses for BetaStick Industrial are currently

• Remote clipping of casualty PPE attachment in snatch rescue situations
• Remote clipping of fixed anchors for attachment of working/back up lines
• Remote clipping of anchor points for remote anchor retest
• Remote attachment to overhead fall arrest systems
• Retrieval of released overhead inertia reel attachments

It is also being used currently in industrial and arboricultural climbing access
situations – however these are very specialist uses

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