The La Sportiva TR2 ski binding is a game-changer. It's safe, simple and convenient to use.

La Sportiva TR2 ski binding features

  • La Sportiva's TR2 ski binding is one of the few of its kind that's got a lateral release for extra safety. On a DIN 7 setting – fairly mild – it very easily releases, making it pretty safe for your knees and hips.
  • It's got a DIN rating at the front and also at the back.
  • It's got a lock for ascending.
  • You've got the convenience of being able to use a riser for steeper gradients, which is easy to adjust on and off.
  • It does have a leash, if you want to use that.
  • It's also a binding that has a brake, which you can either put away or deploy, by pulling out a back spring. So, if you fall the brakes should quickly release.

The unique feature about the La Sportiva TR2 ski binding is the convenience and safety of the rear binding. The rear binding deploys two forks, which sit on top of the boot and reduce twisting. This system requires you to have a ski boot that has corresponding metal plates on the back of the heel. These are found on some of La Sportiva boots (such as the La Sportiva Spectre and the La Sportiva Sparkle), but you can also find it on some of Scarpa's AT boots.

The La Sportiva TR2 ski binding is simple and more convenient to get into than other tech bindings. It offers the convenience of allowing you to use your poles to free and lock the heel, independently of the front binding.

Getting in and out of La Sportiva TR2 ski bindings

Just like other tech bindings, you line up the pins at the front, and you're in. Now, you're ready, in a pivoting position.

If you're going uphill, you can lock it out at the front.

Preparing for downhill descent: the convenience is that by simply using the ski pole, you can deploy the forks over the top of the heel piece, and you're ready for action.

To get yourself out of the binding, it's a little bit different from other tech bindings. You release from the back first, and then release the front. Simple.

La Sportiva TR2: Ideal For...

It's ideal for Australian conditions. It's a binding that's convenient and safe – much more so than other tech bindings.

It works on steep slopes, as well as mild and undulating slopes. It works really well for a beginner, as well as an advanced skier.


It does require you to have a compatible ski boot. These are found in La Sportiva and Scarpa's AT ski boot ranges.

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