Vegan footwear is something we get asked about a lot at Bogong Equipment.

Yes, a range of vegan shoes is something we have at Bogong Equipment. They aren't necessarily tagged vegan in the store, so we compiled a list of them here.

All the vegan shoes in this list have obviously been manufactured without leather or other animal byproducts, including adhesives.

In summary, our entire La Sportiva trail running shoe range is vegan-friendly. As is, currently, our Chaco sandal range. Apart from those, a few of our lightweight hiking boots, walking shoes and mountaineering boots are also vegan-friendly footwear.

La Sportiva Stream

La Sportiva Stream.

Vegan Hiking Boots

La Sportiva Stream GTX: A vegan hiking boot that is a mid-cut, waterproof lightweight hiker made from highly breathable materials. Suitable for daywalks and overnighters. Available in men's and women's versions.

La Sportiva Blade GTX: This slick, lightweight hiking boot has a synthetic upper. Available in men's and women's versions.

La Sportiva Spire

La Sportiva Spire.

Vegan Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva Spire GTX: What is essentially the low-cut version of the La Sportiva Stream (see above) is also vegan-friendly. Also available in a women's fit.

Red Chili Ventic Air

Red Chili Ventic Air.

Vegan Climbing Shoes

Red Chili Ventic Air: This clean, neutral climbing shoe has a synthetic knitted fabric upper.

La Sportiva Kaptiva

La Sportiva Kaptiva.

Vegan Trail Running Shoes

All trail running shoes in the La Sportiva trail running shoe range are vegan. Synthetic materials are used.

Chaco Z Volv Women's Sandals

Chaco Z Volv Women's Sandals.

Vegan Sandals

Our entire selection of Chaco sandals are vegan-friendly.

La Sportiva mountaineering boots

La Sportiva mountaineering boots.

Vegan Mountaineering Boots

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Evo: This technical mountaineering boot for Himalayan mountaineering and extreme cold environments is insulated with non-animal derived insulation.

La Sportiva G2 SM: Another vegan-friendly mountaineering boot! The G2 SM is the second-warmest boot in our range, and is made of no animal-derived materials.

La Sportiva Spantik: An excellent alternative to the old-fashioned double plastic boot. Has a lining with insulating in aluminium and a synthetic outer.

La Sportiva Baruntse: Vegan thanks to a PU-Tech, synthetic thermal outer fabric.

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