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The UTA100 is the biggest ultra-running event on the calendar. This year it's taking place 17-20 May. Held in the Blue Mountains, where the weather is fickle and fast-changing, you need to be prepared. That's why Ultra-Trail Australia has a Mandatory Gear List.

You'll need to use this list to accumulate the gear you need for the event. It's important for you to know that UTA100 requires you to get your mandatory gear checked before you can collect your race number. Starting now, you can get this done right here at Bogong Equipment. All you need to do is bring your gear in, and we'll go through the list with you. If everything looks good, we'll check you off via UTA's online portal and hand you a printed certificate.

Alternatively, you can have your gear checked at Race Check-In, right before collecting your race pack. But, if any of your gear fails the check, you'll need to purchase something at the event expo. That's fine, except you won't have had the chance to train with the gear. This isn't the end of the world, but it adds an annoying new element that ideally you don't want to deal with on race day.

Need some gear and don't know what to get? Here are our recommendations:


Long Sleeve Thermal Top

We recommend: Mont Power Dry Silk Weight Long Sleeve Crew

This is a really lightweight next-to-skin layer that's soft on your body. Constructed of Polartec Power Dry, it wicks away sweat, which then evaporates on the outside of the fabric. Fast-drying, too.

(Also available in women's cut)


Long Leg Thermal Pants

We recommend: Mont Power Dry Silk Weight Pant

The waist band on these is positioned at a comfortable height. You won't be Harry High Pants, but they won't slide down your butt cheeks either. Constructed with the same soft Polartec Power Dry as the equivalent thermal top. (Also available in men's cut)


Waterproof Jacket

We recommend: Outdoor Research Helium II, Women's Outdoor Research Helium II

The best running jacket on the market, in our opinion. In terms of actually keep you dry, this is the jacket for trail running. It's lightweight, breathable, but it has enough structure to bead water off. The adjustable hood has a reinforced brim to keep rain out of your eyes. Packs down really small (you can stuff it neatly into its pocket). Fully taped.

Also consider: Outdoor Research Helium HD, Women's Outdoor Research Helium HD


Beanie, Balaclava or Head Sock (Buff)

We recommend: Outdoor Research Nord Hat

A very light hat, the perfect weight for running. The ear band is made of stretchy, lightweight grid fleece. If you want something light with a bit more substance for emergencies, have a look at the Outdoor Research Soleil Beanie.

Also consider: Buff Original


Full-fingered Lightweight Thermal Gloves

We recommend: Outdoor Research PL 150 Sensor Gloves

Soft gloves that will keep your hands toasty. The fitted cut keeps warmth in. Silicone grip pads make it easier to hang onto items. And, they're touch-screen sensitive.



We recommend: Petzl Actik Core

Rechargeable via a standard USB port, but also compatible with standard batteries. Equipped with an emergency whistle for rescue situations. Powerful 350 lumens. It has two beam patterns (wide or mixed) and a choice of lighting modes that are designed to be useful for proximity or distance vision or rapid movement – great for trail running.


Small Back-up Light

We recommend: Fenix E01 LED Torch (Small)

This small handheld is an ideal emergency light. It shows consistent white light up to 21 metres for more than 16 hours in all conditions. Waterproof underwater to two metres. Impact resistance (it's made of aircraft-grade aluminium). It also has digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness. And, you can stand it on a flat surface and use it like a candle.



We recommend: Suunto Clipper Compass

It's really tiny. No, you can't set a bearing on it, but for the purposes of this race you'll probably only be using it to orientate yourself north, south, east or west. If you want a proper compass you can set a bearing on, try the Suunto A10, although it is bigger. Otherwise, any Suunto watch should have a compass.


Emergency Space Blanket

We recommend: LifeSystems Mountain Thermal Blanket

At 62 grams, it's light and does the job. When it's wrapped around you, it reflects over 80% of radiated body heat back onto you. Windproof and waterpoof. Packs down to 9 x 10 x 3cm.


Compression Bandage

We recommend: Equip Premium Snake Bandage

This comes in a length that is sufficient for bandaging a large adult leg. Indicators on it show when the correct level of compression is achieved. It's perfect to use with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique, which is used for snake bites and Funnel Web Spider bites.


Lightweight Dry Sack

We recommend: Exped Fold Drybag UL M

UTA requires you to carry a dry sack to keep your compulsary clothing dry. These simple roll-top drybags are waterproof. They also come in various sizes (XXS-XXL) and different colours.


Water Bottles or Bladders (2 litres)

We recommend: Salomon Soft Reservoir 2L, Ultimate Direction Reservoir 70OZ/2L, Source Widepac 2L

To choose the best option for your needs, you might have to give us a call or come in-store. We stock a range of bladders, but the best one for you depends on your particular vest or pack.


Food Bars

We recommend: ClifBar Energy Bars

Made with organic ingredients. Lots of flavours. Our staff rate the Crunchy Peanut Butter.


Waterproof Map Case

We recommend: LifeVenture Dristore Loctop Bags

Our heavy-duty Ortlieb Map Cases are probably over-engineered for this purpose (and a bit heavy). That's why, in this instance, we recommend the LifeVenture option. It comes in a pack of three, which means you can use the other sizes for other things you'd like to keep dry. The LifeVenture ones also take up less volume. And, they're light and not too expensive.


Long Leg Waterproof Pants

We recommend: Outdoor Research Helium Waterproof Pants

To tick the box on UTA's mandatory gear list, any Nylon pant will do the job. But you'd like to invest in a good quality performance pair that will breathe, try the OR Helium Pant.


100-Weight Long Sleeve Synthetic Fleece Top

We recommend: Mont Micro Bushshirt, Women's Mont Micro Jacket

A simple, classic lightweight fleece. Constructed with Polartec 100, which fits UTA's requirement.


Other Recommended Items

Anti-chafe body lubricant

We recommend: Body Glide Original Balm 42.2G

Cap or Sun Hat

We recommend: Outdoor Research Swift Cap, Outdoor Research Sunrunner

Spare Socks

We recommend: Injinji Trail Midweight Mini-Crew, Mund Ultra Raid Trail Running Sock


See UTA's official mandatory gear list here.

See our range of trail running gear.

Questions? Visit us, email us or call us (03 9600 0599).

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