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I have had my Chacos for four years now and in that time have used them on paddling trips, short walks, as a travel shoe and an everyday sandal. It is because of their versatility that I have kept Chacos in my very small rotation of footwear.

Chaco sandals are known for their webbing strap system, which offers a fully customisable fit. This, along with the quality of the sole, make for an optimum marriage of comfort alongside durability.

If you get sweaty feet like I do, you will know the slip-and-slide when wearing sandals. Particularly in a humid environment, when you are walking on rough terrain or jumping in and out of boats, that slip-and-slide movement can feel unstable. In my Chacos I feel confident my foot won’t slip around in the sandal because of the precise fit the webbing strap system offers.

Notable Features of Chacos Sandals

All Chacos Z sandals feature the same unique webbing strap system. Aside from the back heel strap (that is not adjustable), there is only piece of webbing throughout the whole sandal. By threading the webbing through the midsole of the shoe and tightening or loosening it in places, depending on the shape of your foot, it makes a precise fit to any shape.


Traction: Chacos sandals have a quality and somewhat aggressive sole for a sandal. They feel grippy and stable on hills and river crossings alike.

Aesthetics: I like to have clothing and footwear that I can wear around town before and after adventures. While it is a matter of personal opinion, Chacos are, to me, interchangeable outdoor, leisure and street wear. I would be content to wear them on a multiday canoe trip and after a rinse-off be just as happy to wear them to a mountain pub or coffee with a friend. To put it simply, they are cool looking sandals!

Easy to take care of: Chacos are easy to clean and take care of. This makes them particularly handy when using them in salt water or mud. I simply rinse mine with cold water and air dry.

Vegan-friendly: It may also please you to know that our entire range of Chaco sandals is vegan-friendly. (Click here for a list of our footwear that is vegan-friendly.)


Weight: If you do not require the extra durability and support, Chacos may not be the right option for you. The lighter women’s ZVOLV still comes in at over 500g (per pair), which, if you are concerned about weight, may be too heavy.

Stiffness: These sandals are designed to be stiff and have a high arched foot bed for added support. While there is ample cushioning in the midsole for comfort, they could be considered too stiff for a leisure sandal.

Chaco Odyssey sandals

The Chaco Odyssey Sandal uses the same Chaco design, but in a closed-toe style.


The Chaco ZCLOUD doesn't have a toe loop.

The Different Chacos Sandal Styles

Chacos come in standard men’s and women’s fits in an array of colours and patterns. There are two main styles of Chaco sandal:

  • (1) without a toe loop (called the ZCLOUD); and
  • (2) with toe loop (called the ZCLOUD 2).

If, like me, you want to feel particularly locked in, I recommend the ZCLOUD 2 over the ZCLOUD due to its toe strap (one drawback of the toe strap is you cannot don the beloved and timeless 'socks and sandals' look).

Here is a guide to our range:

Chaco Sandal without Toe Loop

The ZCLOUD is the 'normal' or 'classic' Chaco sandal, without a toe loop. (Available in both men's and women's fits.)

Chaco ZCLOUD 2 image

The Chaco ZCLOUD 2 has a toe loop.

Chaco Sandal With Toe Loop

With the famous Chacos toe loop for extra control and stability. (Available in both men's and women's fits.)

Chaco Sandal with Thicker Strap

The MEGA ZCLOUD is the same as the ZCLOUD except it has wider straps (35mm webbing) and a bulkier buckle. (Available in men's only.)

A 'Lite' Chaco Sandal

If you are after a lighter, softer option with less arch support, the ZVOLV is a good alternative. It is a pared down version of the ZCLOUD 2, but still offers the same high-performance traction and comfort. (Available in women's only.)

Closed-toe Chaco Sandal

The Chaco ODYSSEY is a closed-toe design fitted with the same Chacos strapping system. (Available in both men's and women's.)

Annie Trumble,
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