Gariwerd/Grampians. Image by Bogong Owner Neil Blundy

At Bogong Equipment, we pride ourselves on being one of the few retailers in Melbourne that offer a range of high-quality rock climbing equipment. It's for this reason that we have always felt that supporting the climbing community is part of our 'corporate responsibility'.

In light of that, we have been supporting CliffCare Victoria and the Victorian Climbing Club for over 16 years. Over that period of time, Bogong Equipment has donated upwards of $7,000 to CliffCare in raffle prizes etc.

Along with most of the climbing community we are shocked and saddened by the sudden closure of many climbing areas in the Grampians with minimal or no consultation. CliffCare Victoria needs our support now more than ever. In response to the current access issues surrounding Gariwerd/Grampians, in recent months Bogong Equipment has directly donated over $1,200 to CliffCare Victoria. A donation has also been made to the ACAV.

While we realise that money provides funding toward a solution (rather than an actual solution), we feel that this solution relies on respectful dialogue between the parties involved: Indigenous communities, rock climbers and Parks Victoria.

Find out more about CliffCare Victoria here.

Find out more about the Victorian Climbing Club (est. 1952) here.

Summer Day Valley 1996

Neil Blundy's children learning the ropes at Summer Day Valley, 1996. This very popular climbing area has been the Grampians best site for instruction and family groups for many years. This cliff is now closed to the public for climbing.