K2 Wayback 96 Ski

With the Wayback 96 Ski, once again K2 has delivered a well-crafted bit of kit. The specialty of the Wayback 96 is that it's a good 'Go To' ski, for both challenging yourself on cruddy, varied conditions in steep backcountry terrain or cruising the resort. The extra waist width compared to say the K2 Wayback 88 gives the versatility that this ski will handle well enough for overseas powder conditions but it is not so wide that it won't ride well on Australian hardpack. This is a jack-of-all-trades type of ski.

The Wayback 96 will render you a sweet descent in deep powder, thanks to its 128mm front tip width and 115mm tail width. But these little beauties are not just comfortable in fresh snow: the Wayback 96 also 'at home' in sloppy, wet snow. Whether it's heavy or light snow, these skis will rise up and out, thanks to the torsional flex on the front third of the ski (typical to the Wayback and Talkback range).

If you're in soft conditions, the 22m arc radius allows great carve and turnability. Yet the Wayback 96 still has plenty of purchase underfoot should you need to traverse an icy ridge. This makes this K2 ski great for exploring the changeable conditions synonymous with Coastal British Columbia, Scotland or anywhere in the Australian/Tasmanian high hills (in plus zero temperatures).

The K2 Wayback 96 is a ski ready for varied conditions, but also varied experience levels. Whether you're a beginner looking a for reliable ski you can grow into, or an intermediate skier on the journey to excellence, this ski will work for you.

Coming in at 1.4kg (the 177cm-long version), this is a lightweight ski. Match these up with Ski trab Tr2 binding and La Sportiva Spectre boots and you have a perfect backcountry touring setup.

Summary: The K2 Wayback 96 may very well be the best-value allrounder AT ski that has come to Australian shores to date.

Mike Wasley,
Bogong Equipment.

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