Chimpanzee Nutrition Review

Chimpanzee Nutrition


Having thought that I had tried every gel on the market, I had long since concluded that I had to endure a chemical laden chocolate pudding type to sustain me or fork out an insane amount on all natural gels imported online that were a little easier to digest. That is until this odd monkey sporting "Be Natural" little miracle fell into my lap.

If you're anything like me then you've both laughed and cried at the old adage "Take up running as a hobby, you only need shoes". My bank account and storage space filled with gear beg to differ! What started out as an accidental hobby has turned into a full on "Ultra" addiction and I'm knee deep in gear, electrolyte powders, chafe creams and I'm frequently reading articles on fuelling and trialling various foods. Never mind that time I listened to a mate, ditched the carefully planned food prep and ate pizza only to turn my long run into having the runs at every portaloo along the way.

Then Chimpanzee Sports Nutrition comes along. As it's decently priced and all natural, I decided to take it for a spin but without getting my hopes too high as this ultra runner is ultra picky on a long run. First I went for the trusty Chocolate, tastes like actual chocolate, not too thick and surprisingly not too runny. Buoyed by my first gel, I try the Lemon next run and am blown away as it is actually tart and just what I'm craving when I have palette fatigue. By the time I get around to tasting the Grapefruit Isotonic Drink I’ve started singing "Be Natural" and have surpassed my 25km long run goal without much notice or bathroom stops (winning).

Chimpanzee Nutrition


I cowboy walk into work the next day and empty the shelves of all the Chimpanzee goodness, channelling my inner Gollum and claiming all the tart Lemon, Apple & Ginger, and Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt bars I can hold in my arms realizing that I will have to restock said shelves myself. My 9 year old daughter has even gotten in on the Chimpanzee bars as she is coeliac and quite a few are gluten free. Surprisingly they pass the kid test too.

Now to channel my Chimpanzee addiction and until they decide to sponsor me, I'm writing articles shouting their praises from the rooftops as this broke, picky ultra runner has found her food and is working on Being Speed and skipping past all the portaloos along the way.

As of writing this article we have just gotten in Chimpanzee Fruit Chews, Spicy bars and Pizza bars as well as large canisters of all the Isotonic drinks including Grapefruit (if you don’t buy it I will), Lemon, Orange and Cherry. Energy bars also come in a variety of flavours too plentiful to list but are all great so far - such as Crunchy Peanut, Chocolate Espresso, Apricot and Chocolate Mint! Don't even get me started on the Coffee and Nuts protein bars or Before and After shakes! There are so many great options to suit everyone’s tastes and they won’t break the bank.

My boss has also mentioned that I should probably put in some actual facts about the Chimpanzee Energy Bars and Gels such as they use all natural ingredients that reduce gut irritation and improve absorption (I thought I covered that with my no portaloo reference) and that a more detailed breakdown of their nutritional value can be found on our website. Feel free to come into the shop and talk everything and anything running with me, Shannon. I'll try not to overshare.

Please note: all of the silly puns and opinions are entirely mine as I am currently not paid or sponsored by Chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee Nutrition


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