The Pleasures of Pain - Live Interview with Sponsored Athlete Mitch Docker

A deep dive into the life of former World Tour rider and moustachioed hard man Mitch Docker with his brother Kirk Docker! Adversity is what makes the outdoors alluring.  Testing yourself against perceived limits. Mitch understands this more than anyone.  

  • Date: Sunday May 26th 2024
  • Time: 3pm to 5pm
  • Venue: Bridge Road Brewers Brunswick, 137/141 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
  • Cost: $10 per ticket plus booking fee
  • Click here to book your tickets!

Mitch spent 15 years riding professionally on the European World Tour.  Some might call him a ‘super domestique’. In cycling, that’s known as a thankless role where your job is to help everyone else win.  The difference between his best and worst day had to be very small, so he trained for that consistency. This was about being tough rather than flashy.

His favourite race, but also the one that caused him the most pain, was Paris Roubaix. How do you begin to describe this race?  Its nickname is the Hell Of The North.  If that doesn’t give you an idea, think of a day where you use upwards of 10,000 calories as you spend six hours, fighting your way over ancient cobble-stone roads in brutal weather conditions, where clawing yourself to the famed velodrome finish line is an achievement.

The thing about Mitch is that despite how hard it all was, he has always found a way to unwind with a cold frosty.  His famed moustache and mullet kept the rigid European bunch on their toes.

Now, Mitch has returned to Australia, after retiring from professional racing in 2021, and much like the modern riding scene, he’s broadened his interests. These days, he is mountain biking, everesting, ultra-trail running and bike packing.  He’s finding a way to explore new limits in the outdoors, including being the race commissaire on his upcoming event, the Dirty Docker.

I’ve spent my life asking questions, but I’ve never turned the mic on my brother. So, considering he has followed in my footsteps with his podcast, Life In The Peloton, it’s going to be fun to see how he feels being on the other side of the questions. I hope you can join us for this special one-off event for what will be a deep dive into his story and adventures.

Second Nature exists to explore the outer habits of those who are akin by nature.  We cater to everyone, from first-time adventurers to professional athletes.  All profits from this event will go to Country Needs People – an organisation that is growing the number of Indigenous Australian Rangers caring for our country.

Kirk Docker is one of Australia's finest interviewers and storytellers.  He is the co-creator and director of ABC's You Can't Ask That.