Congratulations to the winners of The Way, My Way - Ticket Giveaway! We received around 40x entries and everyone that entered sure made it hard for us to choose our top 10. Beautiful short stories of triumph, spirituality, humour, romance and family. Without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

Jen - In 2009, my family trekked the Kokoda Trail. 10 days of torrential rain, soggy feet, blisters and family bonding made for an incredible journey.

Bronwyn - Larapinta. Opportunity to trek over weathered rocky landscapes dotted with Corymbia aparrerinja (ghost gum). Quite a spiritual hike with a deep connection to the Arrernte people.

Darren - The Roraima Tepui, Venezuela. Where Middle Earth meets Jurassic Park on the planet Venus - a truly surreal and other-worldly hike into the unknown!

Andrew - My father and I walked the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome, drawing us closer together as we enjoyed the scenery, people and experience.

Samantha - Hiking up Mt Bogong, I have climbed the big fella 65 times now over 25 years and its different every time I climb it and so am I. It’s my happy place where I can completely free my mind.

Michael - Moved to tears listening to a bird-like nun singing with an exquisitely haunting voice, we knew that finishing our first Camino was also a beginning.

Michelle - My favourite was hiking up the summit of Frenchmans Cap, Tasmania and being proposed to. Those views and the proposal took my breath away!

Simon - Took kids (7 and 10) on Mt St-Gwinear intro hike, privileged to wake with spectacular crystals formed overnight. Special sharing beauty of nature with kids.

James - Nepal taught us perspective. Children trekking over the mountain home from school, on their foreheads the straps of dokos: baskets of firewood, fuel for dinner.

Daren - My most memorable trekking experience was in 2001 with my wife and two teenage sons to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. A wonderful shared experience.

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