Denalis West Buttress


Quick Overview

Denali's massive West Buttress Route is one of the world's most popular and treacherous climbs.

Denali's West Buttress

A Climber's Guide Mt McKinley's Classic Route by Colby Coombs

A new guide to the most popular route; uses 30 Washburn photos. Features step-by-step expert instruction & Bradford Washburn's historic aerial photos. Covers every aspect of climbing the route, from preparation to climbing strategy.

  • The only available guide devoted solely to the route used by 90 percent of all climbers who summit Denali
  • Historic aerial photos and introduction by one of the route's pioneers - Bradford Washburn
  • Author Colby Coombs is a Denali climbing guide and a 12-year veteran of the route

Denali's massive West Buttress Route is one of the world's most popular and treacherous climbs. Seasoned guide Colby Coombs and legendary mountaineering photographer Bradford Washburn team up to provide climbers with all the information they need in the only book available devoted solely to this challenging route. Denali's West Buttress: A Climber's Guide gives the aspiring Denali climber the details required to efficiently plan and safely launch an expedition on the West Buttress.

The guide covers every aspect of climbing the route from preparation to climbing strategy to step-by-step route instruction.

Brad Washburn's magnificent photos with route and milestones clearly delineated paired with Coombs' explicit text guide the climber from camp to camp to the summit and down again, outlining specific hazards and obstacles and offering techniques and instruction on how best to surmount them. The book pays special attention to environmental considerations and presents low-impact methods for minimizing human and garbage waste on the route.

This guide provides complete, detailed, first-hand, safety-conscious information on the West Buttress Route, serving as a much-needed resource and a grand tribute to this historic route.

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