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Lightweight running gaiters in outrageous colour choices! Made in the US from 83% polyester and 17% lycra, Dirty Girl Gaiters are ideal for trail runs, ultralight hiking and endurance events such as Coastrek or Oxfam.

First, choose your size (based on shoe size). Use the sizing table below.

Second, pick your colour. Refer to product images to see our colour name (in capitals) for each outrageous colour combo.

Dirty Girl gaiters are very light stretchy gaiters to seal the top of your shoes. They are perfect for trail and mountain running and come in a range of crazy colours. Also suitable for hikers who wear shoes rather than boots. So keep all the grit, twigs, sand and other stuff from getting in your shoes. Oh, and one last thing, Dirty Girl gaiters are not just for girls, they come sized up for blokes as well.

Avg Weight: 31g/pair

Fabric: 83%Polyester, 17% Lycra

How to attach: Stick (or glue) velcro patch (supplied) to the heel of your shoes. Hook lace loop onto the front of your shoes.

XSMALL: US Women's shoe size 6-7; (Calf circumference: 6.5" - 8")
SMALL: US Women's shoe size 7.5-9, US Men's shoe size 6- 7. (Calf circumference: 7"-8.5")
MEDIUM: US Women's shoe size 9.5-11, US Men's shoe size 7.5-9. (Calf circumference: 7.25"-8.75")
LARGE: US Women's shoe size 11.5-13, US Men's shoe size 9.5-11. (Calf circumference: 7.75"-9.25")
XLARGE: US Men's shoe size 11.5-13. (Calf circumference: 8"-9.5")
Sizing Hints:
Dirty Girl Gaiters are available in different sizes based on the size of the SHOE you will be wearing with them. Your size selection must be associated with your SHOE SIZE to ensure a proper fit over the body of your shoe. Each DIRTY GIRL GAITER size is associated with an upper ankle/calf circumference. approximately 1-1/2 inches (1.5 inches) above the ankle bone. The fabric is very stretchy, so calves measuring 1/4″ beyond the outer range can be accommodated comfortably. However, If your upper ankle/calf circumference is not within the range of the Dirty Girl Gaiter size or 1/4″ beyond, this product may not be suitable for you. Ordering by your upper ankle/calf circumference, regardless of your SHOE size, WILL NOT RESULT IN A PROPER FIT! The DIRTY GIRL GAITER will not fit properly over the body of your shoes if you disregard the shoe size when ordering.

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