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Much-anticipated DMM Dragonfly micro cams with a flexible stem! This 'size 2' is the second-smallest in the DMM Dragonfly micro cam line. Raw aluminium and grid-patterned lobes for better friction, lots of flexibility, comfortable trigger and extendable sling. DMM quality and design.

The DMM Dragonfly Cam is top climbing brand DMM's much-anticipated new flexible-stem micro cam.

This red DMM Dragonfly 'size 2' is roughly the same size as a black (1/3 size) Alien Cam (which is also a flexible-stem cam).

The stem on a Dragonfly is very flexible. The trigger also features DMM's quality ergonomics, making it comfortable to use in action. The DMM Dragonfly micro cam is a double-axle design, with the proven 'magic' camming angle of 13.75 degrees, which is widely regarded to provide the best blend of power and range.

Compared to the equivalent sized Alien Cam, this DMM Dragonfly (size 2) is stronger and lighter. However, the Alien Cam has a slightly bigger operating range (8&ndash14mm vs the Dragonfly size 2's 8.7–12.9mm, so not by a lot). The DMM Dragonfly cam also has a raw aluminium finish and grid pattern on its cam lobes, which should help the cam 'stick' better to slippery rock like well-worn limestone and glassy quartzite.

Like the DMM Dragon Cam, the DMM Dragonfly microcam has an extendable sling.

Flexible-stem micro cams like this are useful for flared pockets, narrow cracks and marginal placements. The narrow head width and compact trigger allows this cam to be placed deep in small pockets. The flexible stem also minimises cam 'walking'.

  • Product name: Dragonfly 2
  • Product code: A7552A
  • Colour: Red
  • Active strength: 6kN
  • Weight: 56g
  • Range: 8.7–12.9mm
  • Conformance: EN 12276:2013
  • Sling: 11mm Dynatec with compact stitch pattern

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