DMM iD - Scannable PPE Inspection Technology

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DMM iD is the latest revolution in PPE safety management.

DMM has managed to integrate RFID – the technology that powers your credit card, e-Passport and train ticket – into personal protective equipment such as carabiners, pulleys and slings. For the rest of your kit, they offer a range of iD zip ties, iD dots, iD rope and helmet stickers that can be retro-fitted to your existing PPE. Never type in a serial number again!

Bogong has access to the full range of DMM iD on a special order basis.

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DMM iD allows to scan serial numbers straight to your phone or PC

The Bluetooth DMM iD Reader scans the serial number from your gear into your phone, computer, or other Bluetooth-compatible device.

DMM Catch with iD Dot DMM Helmet with iD Sticker

For items without build-in RFID tags, DMM sells iD dots, tags and zip-ties that can be permanently attached.

Download the DMM iD catalogue here (7 MB).

For enquiries please contact Bogong at