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This book should be standard issue with every new piece of camping equipment sold. It's a great collection of tips for keeping outdoor and travel gear in tip-top shape. It's full of great advice for repairing broken zippers, snagged sleeping bags, and sputtering camp stoves, but even more importantly, it lays out the best way to keep these problems from happening in the first place.

By Kristin Hostetter

Whether you need to remedy a leak in your tent, repair flapping boot soles, nurse a cranky stove back to life, unclog a water filter, or revive gunked-up Velcro, you'll find the solution here. And it can all be done with an inexpensive 12-item repair kit that, once assembled, won't weigh more than a pound or two-worth its weight in gorp!
As you'd guess, this pack-it-with-you pocket guide includes many ingenious uses for that most versatile of tools: duct tape! Here's just a few of many tips: 
Tip: Make a sturdy zipper pull by threading a thin strip of duct tape through the 
slider, then wrapping the tails with more duct tape. 
Tip: For a more stable stove, cut a square of old closed-cell foam pad sized to fit 
the base of your backpacking stove. Wrap the foam generously with duct tape for 
insulation and you have a stable cooking platform that works great in the snow. 
Tip: When re-gluing a boot or shoe sole, a few turns of duct tape can keep the toe 
area secure while the glue dries.

* What to include in your hiking or travel repair kits
* Duct tape dos and don'ts
* New sections on caring for technical wool garments and repairing softshell fabrics, single-wall tents, hydration systems, and more 

96 pages

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