EDELRID AUTANA II Rock Climbing Harness


Quick Overview

The comfortable and lightweight alpine harness for climbers with a narrow waist has received an extensive overhaul.

The new features include a center fit construction that enables optimum harness adjustment thanks to sliding waist belt padding that can be centrally positioned. The larger gear loops with an optimized shape are easier than ever to handle and can be compressed to a compact size when storing the harness thanks to the soft material.

Edelrid have also laminated the attachment points for ice screw carabiners and integrated them into the sit harness. The slightly larger central ring with an HMPE-kernmantle construction improves wear comfort. The AUTANA has a modern, stylish look and is part of our bluesign®-certified harness collection.


  • Center Fit Construction: sliding waist belt padding that can be centrally positioned enables optimum harness adjustment
  • 5x Gear loops, 2x laminated attachment options for ice screw clips, and a chalk bag loop at the back
  • Butterfly shape for increased hanging comfort and optimum load distribution
  • The hip belt and leg loops become higher with increasing size
  • Large centre ring made of Dyneema® and polyamide in core-sheath construction for high comfort when standing and belaying
  • Parallel tie-in points on the hip and leg loops with textile abrasion protection made from an HMPE-polyamide blend
  • Red wear indicator in load-bearing straps on hip belt and leg loops
  • bluesign® product
  • Fully opening, self-locking Slide Block buckles in the waist belt and leg loops, which make it easier to put on when wearing skis or crampons
  • Larger leg loops in relation to the waist belt for an optimum fit for climbers with a narrow waist
  • Only four material loops for size XS due to the design

Technical Specifications

  • UIAA
  • Certification: EN 12277 Type C
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Attachment options for ice screw clips
  • Moveable foam waist padding

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