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Today Grivel offers a Daisy Chain guaranteed to 22 kN in every loop and every point. Made from dyneema, the Grivel Daisy Chain avoids the possibility of user error which exists with traditional daisy chains where the individual pockets have a low loading strength.

We all love the comfort and versatility of the Daisy-chain. But in its traditional version it can lead to wrong uses and become therefore dangerous. In fact no daisy chain on the market is guaranteed to the CE values of 22kN, like the quick draws or the carabiners.

Therefore it can be the “weak link” of the system, mainly when used in belaying. The pockets of a classical daisy chain have a very low loading strength which never exceeds the 2kN because they are designed for static load only, and consequently the only safe way to use a daisy chain as a sling is between the two end loops.

The Dyneema sling is so thin that can cut itself when in traction. Grivel has studied the problem over a long period of time, and has come up with the problem solving Grivel Daisy Chain.

Today Grivel can offer a chain guaranteed to 22kN in every loop and every point! No more possibility of error, and no risk of mistake or dangerous manoeuvres.

  • Grivel dyneema sling
  • 23 kN on every pocket, CE certified

Weight: 93 gr

Length: 125 cm

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