Best Hiking Shoes for your feet

Bogong stocks a range of the best hiking shoes in Melbourne! If you’re not sure how to fit them, check out this easy guide, or pop into the store for an expert fitting.

Which are the best hiking shoes?

Asolo Hiking Shoe SoleMany people have a love of a particular brand of shoe, but when it comes to finding the best hiking shoes for you, remember the three rules of fitting: fit, fit and fit! Everyone’s feet are a little bit different – that’s why Bogong stocks over thirty different models of shoes, ranging across four brands. Before you make your choice, here's a few things to consider:

What are you using the hiking shoes for?

European holiday, day bushwalks, hut-to-hut walking, orienteering, trail running or approach, are just some of the uses our customers have for their walking shoes. Bogong stocks hiking shoes ideal for all these activities.

Gore-Tex or not?

Many people choose a waterproof Gore-Tex hiking shoe. These are ideal for cold and wet climates. The Gore-Tex membrane is breathable to let sweat out, but for hot places a non-Gore-Tex shoe will be even more breathable.

How to fit your hiking shoes

Length: When fitting hiking shoes you want to make sure you have plenty of room to move. A centimetre or so of space in front of your toes is a good amount. This allows room for your feet to swell a little as you walk, without getting the dreaded black toenails!

At the other end of the shoe, you want to avoid having too much heel movement, as this can lead to blisters.

Width: The shoe should hold your foot firmly, without being too tight. We stock wide hiking shoes and women's hiking shoes to assist in getting the best fit.

Talk to the hiking shoe experts

Whether you're travelling, bushwalking or just want comfy shoes for around town, Bogong is the place to shop. So check out our range of hiking shoes online or in store today!