Edelrid Rope Technologies

Edelrid LogoBogong is proud to be stocking Edelrid ropes and other climbing gear. Edelrid is a true innovator in the field, having invented the kernmantle rope. All their rope is made in Germany, and it is bluesign certified for environmental protection.

Here is the low-down on the different technologies available in their ropes.

Thermo Shield

Edelrid Thermo Shield iconThermo Shield is the standard treatment that we apply to all our ropes. It gives them the famous EDELRID suppleness and handling characteristics. The thermal stabilizing process ensures that the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced. A special heat treatment cure first relaxes then shrinks the rope’s fibers. This harmonizes the gliding characteristics of the yarns inside the rope and ensures that it remains compact and supple throughout its life. It also ensures that rope does not shrink or become stiff.

Sports Braid

Edelrid Sports Braid iconThe sheath of EDELRID Sports Braid ropes has two yarns braided over one. This is different to a standard sheath construction where two yarns are braided over two other yarns. The result is a particularly compact and smooth sheath structure. These ropes are particularly abrasion resistant, glide easily through each piece of protection and offer incomparably supple handling. The Sports Braid sheath construction is ideal for ropes that are subject to prolonged wear and abrasion, e.g. top-roping and intensive sport climbing.


Edelrid LinkTec iconLinkTec technology involves bonding the sheath and the core of the rope together during braiding. This reduces sheath slippage to a minimum and significantly prolongs the lifespan of a rope. We’ve been using this process for our ropes for climbing walls for a long time, as they have to withstand prolonged wear and abrasion during top-roping.

Dry Shield

Edelrid LinkTec iconDry Shield is high-quality chemical finish applied to the core and sheath yarns. The finish provides a long-lasting hydrophobic coating and is resistant to washing out. It protects the yarns from dirt and water. Together with our Thermo Shield treatment, Dry Shield ensures optimal handling, abrasion resistance and a long functional lifespan.

Pro Shield

Edelrid LinkTec iconOur Pro Shield finish increases a ropes ability to withstand external forces (falls). During the finishing process every single core and sheath yarn is covered with a Teflon coating. The microscopic Teflon particles are bonded to each individual fibre. This gives the rope a protective coating that substantially improves its loading characteristics. In addition, the Pro Shield finish also provides increased dirt and water resistance. We use the Pro Shield finish exclusively for our for Pro Line ropes.

Pro Dry

Edelrid Pro Dry Shield iconUntreated ropes can absorb up to 50% of their own weight in water. When wet, such ropes become extremely heavy, difficult to handle and may freeze in cold conditions. Moreover, their safety reserves are comrpomised. Pro Dry is a new finish process, which provides a solution to this problem. First the core yarns are impregnated. Then, once braiding is completed, the finished rope (core and sheath) is impregnated again. In a final stage, the impregnation is thermally fixed. The result is a rope that is durably water repellent and dirt resistant. Pro Dry ropes are particularly quick drying, absorb virtually no water and are resistant to freezing in cold temperatures. Due to their minimal water absorption (1-2%) in accordance with the UIAA water-repellent test, Pro Dry ropes hardly increase in weight. As such, they continue to perform well and provide high safety reserves even in wet conditions.


bluesign iconThe bluesign® standard is a stringent ecological standard for the textile industry. Only materials that pose no threat to either people or the environment are permitted. We have been working closely with bluesign technologies ag since 2009. We were the first rope manufacturer to adapt our ropes to meet the tough demands of the bluesign® criteria.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany iconEdelrid is based in the town of Isny im Allgäu, in Bavaria, Germany. All of their ropes are manufactured in their own factory in Isny.

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