Waterproofers and Cleaners: Which Should You Use?

Proofings, cleaners, treatments for outdoor gear

It can be confusing to navigate the maze of different proofings, cleaners and treatments available for your gear. Here is a comparative guide to help you select the right treatment for the job.

Storm Spray On Heat Cure Waterproofer

Looking to reproof your Gore-Tex or Hydronaute jacket? This is the one you need! The heat-cure waterproofer gives the best, most durable DWR treatment available. The only catch is, you need to tumble dry or iron your jacket after treatment.

Make sure you wash your items before proofing them.

Nikwax Spray On Waterproofer (Air Dry)

Looking to reproof your Gore-Tex or Hydronaute jacket, but don't have a tumble drier? This one will do the trick!Plus, you avoid the need to tumble dry or iron your garment.

Make sure you wash your items before proofing them.

Nikwax Softshell Proof Wash In

Ideal for waterproofing your softshell, polarfleece, hiking pants, hat or other garments.

We don't recommend the wash-in waterproofer for waterproof/breathable garments (i.e. Gore-Tex or Hydronaute) as it coats the inside as well as the outside of the fabric. This can interfere with the breathability of these fabrics.

For best results, wash your items first.

Storm Spray On Wax

For waxed cotton garments. Oilskin japaras, Drizabones, waxed hats. Also useful for canvas backpacks and canvas tents.

The great thing about this spray-on wax is that it doesn't need to be heated prior to application. It also air dries. Easy!

Storm Wool Wash

Take good care of your woollens (e.g. Icebreaker garments) with this low pH wool wash.

This special wool wash was developed with wool manufacturers. Importantly, it cleans without striping the fibres of their natural oils.

Nikwax Down Wash Direct

This down wash is made for washing your down items, like down jackets, down sleeping bags and down hut booties.

Nikwax Down Wash Direct cleans and restores water-repellency, which helps revitalise the insulation performance of your jacket or sleeping bag.

Nikwax Tech Wash

For any wet-weather clothing or equipment that seems to be soaking up water and less water-repellent than when you first bought it.

eVent, Gore-Tex and Hydronaute garments should be washed regularly to remove body salts and oils, and general dirt. This prolongs the life of the garment and improves its breathable performance. It also has none of the nasty residues present in household washing detergents that can clog up the pores of your jacket and reduce performance.

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