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Staff Picks: The Climber

Staff Picks: The Climber

Our in-house gear guru has climbed at crags all over the world. James has crushed in places like Red Rocks, Squamish and Ton Sai. And he knows a thing or two about gear, having worked at Bogong Equipment for over 10 years.
It’s light, warm, breathable, and it looks great. This becomes any climber’s go-to jacket for cool conditions. A mere 360 grams, it’s synthetic, which means it can go in the wash. The best bit? A helmet-compatible hood. Comes in men’s and women’s cuts, a non-hooded version, and lots of colours.

Staff Picks: The Bushwalker

Staff Picks: The Bushwalker

He was just five years old when he went on his first bushwalk. A navigator extraordinaire, Dave is at home in the remote wildernesses of Australia. And he's done some pretty extreme walks in winter.
What do you do when you’re out camping, and the water source is a good 10-minute walk away? Ferry water bottles? Make multiple trips? This water-carrying bag from Ortlieb is just 160 grams, and can help you transport larger quantities of water easily. With a party of four, with a 10L bag plus a few drink bottles, you could carry enough water to your campsite for dinner, soup, cups of tea and the next morning’s water.

Staff Picks: The Runner

Staff Picks: The Trail Runner

She's an intrepid soul who's done some crazy things: working on a live-a-board diving boat in Mexico and exploring the wildernesses of Alaska. Lita likes running the trails around Falls Creek, Victoria.
The Dippers Chalk Bag of the running world, these come in outrageous colours. They’re light, stretchy and slip over your shoes to keep trail debris out. Made by trail runners in Green Valley, Arizona.

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Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest

A serious option for long-distance trail running. At 180 grams, it's light. Airy mesh helps with ventilation. Comes with two collapsible flasks with Camelbak's classic bite valve.
Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest

Y&Y Plasfun Belay Glasses

Get rid of 'belayer's neck'. These belay glasses are constructed of a light, robust plastic to hold up to crag abuse. High-quality optical prism give you clear sight.
Y&Y Plasfun Belay Glasses

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor GTX

A Gore-Tex model of a La Sportiva favourite: the Ultra Raptor. These shoes for mountain running are designed for wet winters, sloppy trails and humid places.
La Sportiva Ultra Raptor GTX

Prana Sidra Pant Women's

They're comfy and they look good. Stretch canvas climbing pants with a flattering, straight-leg cut. A wide, soft waistband lets you move freely. Colourful prints.
Prana Sidra Pant Womens

Grivel SkiTour Ski Matic 2.0 Crampon

A totally new binding system, specifically for ski-touring. The front binding fits modern plastic ski-touring boots. It's 672 grams.
Grivel SkiTour Ski Matic 2.0 Crampon

Climbing Mt Kenya: Hard Decisions on the Ice Window

Ever wondered what it's like to ice climb in Africa? Bogong staffer Mark Clavarino just got back from a trip to Mt Kenya. "Most of the route beta we had is at least a decade old," he says. What could possibly go wrong?

Choosing a Climbing Shoe

When you’re standing in front of a wall of climbing shoes, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’ve written this guide to help you.
Choosing a climbing shoe

Choosing a Harness

Some have adjustable leg loops, more gear loops and the ability to centre the waist-belt padding. Others don't have any of these features. So, where do you start?
Choosing a climbing harness

Why Are Wild Country New Friends Better?

We sat down with Wild Country's design engineer to discuss changes to the historic Friend camming device.
Bogong interviews Wild Country design engineer

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