Plus, vegan shoes, packable duffels, hiking chairs and more.

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Welcome to the Bogong Newsletter

We are drowning in new products here at Bogong Equipment! We've selected a few to highlight below, but it's worth coming in to check out things like our new Helinox range (lightweight camp/hiking furniture – yes, there are models you could legitimately pack into your rucksack), our new climbing shoes (Red Chili Voltage, Ventic Air, and La Sportiva Testarossa), a new range of Deuter travel packs and duffels, ski backpacks and more...

Plus, new arrivals from Edelrid, Lowe Alpine, Julbo, Outdoor Research and Keith.

The Testarossa

Could this be the best La Sportiva climbing shoe yet?

La Sportiva Testarossa

The La Sportiva Testarossa is back and redesigned, and it is flying off our shelves. This is a high-performance shoe with a high level of comfort. The middle of the Testarossa (around the foot arch area) is unlined suede leather, which wraps around your foot like a soft, second skin. The front, however, is built for powerful edging; and the metatarsal area underfoot has extra support to help with this. The heel is probably this shoe's crowning glory, though. Extremely comfortable, this new concept hugs the heel and is one of the best heels we've seen on a climbing shoe. You'll get the most out of your heel hooks with this shoe. If you haven't tried it, we suggest you pop in soon.


Ski Backpacks

New In

Just in time for the end of the season, new ski backpacks have landed in-store. This means, we now have seven dedicated ski backpacks for you to choose from! Take a look...

Glissade 25

Men's Ski Pack

Lowe Alpine
Descent 35

Men's Ski Pack

Deuter Freerider
Pro 30

Men's Ski Pack

Exped Glissade 35

Men's and Women's
Ski Pack

Lowe Alpine
Descent ND23

Women's Ski Pack

Deuter Freerider
Pro 28 SL

Women's Ski Pack

Vegan-friendly Shoes

We have them.

La Sportiva vegan shoes

Did you know that at Bogong Equipment we sell vegan-friendly footwear? Yep, that's vegan climbing shoes, hiking shoes, hiking boots, sandals... even mountaineering boots, it turns out. They aren't all labelled in our store, so we thought we'd put together this blog post to help you find them.


By the way, we also sell vegan hiking meals: three of the flavours in our range of On Track Heat & Eat meals are vegan.

Also, almost all Clif Bars are vegan (just not the ones containing nut butter).

New In

Outdoor Research
Tundra Balaclava

With NASA-approved

Chair Zero

Light enough to
take hiking!

Red Chili
Ventic Air

It's a vegan-friendly
climbing shoe.

Helinox Deuce of
Spades Trowel

A ridiculous
17 grams.

Deuter Aviant
Carry On 28 SL

stowaway straps.

Deuter Aviant
Duffel 50

Folds up small;
pocket for shoes.

La Sportiva 2019 Climb-in-Gym Tour

Upcoming event

La Sportiva Shoe Demo 2019

The Official La Sportiva Climb-in-Gym Tour 2019 hits Australia soon. In Melbourne, the demo fleet will be visiting two climbing gyms. Bogong Equipment will be hosting the tour's second visit to Melbourne, on Thursday 28 November, 6pm, at Urban Climb Collingwood.

This year, the touring models are...

  • La Sportiva Reloaded Testarossa

  • La Sportiva Reloaded Python

  • La Sportiva Reboot Solution Men's

  • La Sportiva Reboot Solution Women's

  • La Sportiva Otaki Men's

  • La Sportiva Otaki Women's

  • La Sportiva Skwama Men's

  • La Sportiva Skwama Women's

  • More details to come.

    Wrap-up: Tommy and Kevin

    Dawn Wall climbers set foot in Bogong!

    Tommy Caldwell signing posters at Bogong Equipment with his daughter on his shoulders

    Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard that Dawn Wall climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have toured Australia.

    In Melbourne, Bogong Equipment was the official retail sponsor for their trip.

    At Bogong Equipment, we had a select number of people booked in for a meet-and-greet in our upstairs area (which is usually our tents showroom). Despite major jetlag (for Kevin particularly), the guys were chilled, friendly and engaged in meeting everyone! You guys brought along some awesome stuff to be signed: the best stuff must be the ice axes and the retro climbing shoes.

    Nationally, the guys' trip was sponsored by climbing brands La Sportiva, Sterling and Edelrid. We'd like to thank them for bringing them out here!

    Neil discusses Tommy's La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoes

    Neil Blundy discusses Tommy Caldwell's La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoes.

    Tommy Caldwell signing posters at Bogong Equipment with his daughter on his shoulders

    Bogong staff photo with Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson.

    James and Steph meet Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson

    James and Steph get their ice axes signed by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson.

    Bogong on Social

    Bogong Instagram screenshot - Poster signed by Tommy Caldwell

    Did you know that Bogong Equipment is on Facebook and Instagram? We're keeping you guys updated with events, community updates and cool new stuff as it arrives in the store. To stay in the loop, follow our Facebook page and on Instagram at @bogongequipment

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