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New newsletter, same Bogong. We strive to keep you up to date with our latest news and products. If you ever miss a Bogong Newsletter, they can always be found here.

This month is as busy as ever. We are introducing new updates to fan favourite products, as well as re-starting our in-store information evenings. Read through, stay up to date and get excited for the upcoming winter season!

—The Bogong Team

Sponsored Athletes

Sarah Larcombe

Sarah Larcombe

Bogong is proud to announce the signing of our newest sponsored athlete, champion Australian Paraclimber Sarah Larcombe. Sarah has had an extraordinary rise to her champion level, from beginning to climb in 2019 to winning state titles in Victoria and NSW/ACT. Sarah was the top-performing athlete in the national Paraclimbing Team Selection, giving her a position in the Australian Paraclimbing team in the upcoming World Cups.
With Paraclimbing being an emerging and underfunded sport, Sarah needs your help to get to and compete in this year’s World Cups. You can join Bogong in supporting Sarah by donating to her fundraiser today. You can also find out more by reading last week’s Bogong Blog here.

Map and Compass Navigation Workshop

Information Sessions

The Map and Compass Navigation Workshop has returned! In-store, in-person, no more Zoom! Join us at Bogong Equipment at our most popular workshop, Navigating with Map and Compass. In conjunction with the Victorian Rogaining Association (VRA), we are once again running this workshop. You'll learn all the basics of using a compass, map reading and navigation. It's suitable for beginners, or for anyone wanting to refresh their skills. Most importantly, it’s FREE!
Presenter: Merv Trease, Bogong Legend
Date: Tuesday 31 May 2022
Time: 5.30pm — 7.45pm
Location: Upstairs, Bogong Equipment, 374 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Want to test your newfound skills or sharpen your expertise in a small group with an expert instructor? Spend a day in the bush at the VRA rogaine event in the Fryers Range, south-east of Castlemaine. Numbers are limited, so be sure to book in quick.
Date: Saturday 4 June 2022
Time: 9am
Location: Fryerstown

Click here to book your tickets today.

Exped Hiking Mats: New Range

Exped Hiking Mats

Bogong loves Exped sleeping mats, and we know our customers love them too. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that as of 2022, Exped have updated their sleeping mat range into three major categories. This is to make buying as straightforward as possible. Each category has unique features that solve common user requirements and issues.

ULTRA; lightweight with a small pack size.
DURA; comfort and durability in tougher conditions.
VERSA; versatile, price-point option with built in hand pump.

Sustainability is at the core of these new innovative designs. Check out the Sustainability Spotlight below to find out how Exped is minimizing their environmental impact. 

You can also read about all the nitty gritty details of these new hiking mats our most recent Bogong Blog here.

Product Highlights

Mont Bimberi Women's Pant OR Women's Trail Mix Hoodie
Mango Curry Chicken

Mont Bimberi Women's Pant
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OR Women's Trail Mix Hoodie
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Campers Pantry Mango Curry Chicken
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Mont Bimberi Men's Short OR Men's Trail Mix Hoodie
Balti Vegetable Curry

Mont Bimberi Men's Short
Learn more >>

OR Men's Trail Mix Hoodie
Learn more >>

Campers Pantry Balti Vegetable Curry
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Bogong Blog

La Sportiva Mutant Review

La Sportiva Mutant Review

Bogong staff member Sam put La Sportiva’s Mutant to the test out on the trail. Read about what he thought of this elite shoe, which is regarded for its ability to tackle difficult terrains. With a unique tongue and lacing mechanism, plus some of La Sportiva’s stickiest grip, this mountain shoe is perfect for all uphill warriors.
Check out what Sam thought on the Bogong Blog here.

Sustainability Spotlight

Exped Mats

Exped Mats

At the core of Exped’s driving principles is sustainability. Carefully evaluated materials and resources are found to create their high-quality products.

All mats in the new families, listed above, are made with recycled materials and are certified carbon neutral. The face fabrics used throughout the mats are built with recycled polyester, which utilise previously produced materials from PET bottles or textile waste. Having re-evaluated their production techniques, less water, energy and carbon is used while more plastics are kept out of landfill.

The new Exped mats are the “first climate-neutral products of their kind on the market.” They achieve this by working with myclimate, an international non-profit foundation that promotes climate protection and sustainable development through carbon offset projects. The climate-impacting emissions of products are calculated, from production to disposal. Then, CO­­­­2 ­equivalents are determined and offset through projects that span the world. Exped support a project in northern Tanzania, whose goal is to protect endangered mammals from poaching and enforce village land use plans.

In addition to the mats, Exped’s pillows, sleeping bags, liners, booties and their operations are carbon offset. Future plans will see their line of tents, backpacks, gear bags, packsacks and accessories to follow.

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