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Category 4 kids' sunglasses. Comes in three sizes.

Assorted colours supplied. The colour you receive will be a lucky dip!

Kids' sunglasses with Category 4 lenses.

Julbo Looping sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses for active kids spending time in the snow or in bright places outdoors. With Category 4 lenses, these sunglasses are quite dark, but they provide the protection needed against harsh light in snow, for instance.

Julbo Looping sunglasses have several features that make them ideal for kids. Firstly, it doesn't matter which way up your child wears these sunglasses – there's no 'right way up'. They're designed this way because, as you know, kids tend to try to put glasses on upside down. With this design, it doesn't matter which way up they're worn.

It's also a wrap-around design that is snug-fitting and comfortable. No annoying ear pieces.

There are a couple of safety features, too – the arms don't bend inward, which means that they're a) less prone to breaking, and b) it's less likely that your child might get skin caught in the hinges (because there are no hinges).

The removable strap helps make these kids' sunglasses less easy to lose. The mechanism that attaches them to the glasses is also rubbery – again, safer for little hands.

  • Flat elastic strap
  • Curved temples
  • Hingeless to avoid risk of injury
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Protection: Julbo lenses offer 100% protection against UVs: UVAs, UVBs, and UVCs. Classed as OPTICAL CLASS 1, their quality is guaranteed by international standards.
  • Category 4 lenses: Dark lenses suitable for skiing, mountain, desert and coastal environments sunlight is intense and high glare. Also suitable for eyes very sensitive to light. Too dark for driving (not that your child will be driving!).

Size 1
  • Recomended for children 0–18 months old
  • Lens width: 39mm
  • Nose width: 13mm
  • Arm length: 95mm

Size 2
  • Recomended for children 12–24 months old
  • Lens width: 42mm
  • Nose width: 14mm
  • Arm length: 105mm

Size 3
  • Recomended for children 2–4 years old
  • Lens width: 45mm
  • Nose width: 15mm
  • Arm length: 120mm

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