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A guide to trekking in the Kangchenjunga region of the Himalayas of Nepal. With its five summits, Kangchenjunga is the world's third highest peak. Includes the North Base Camp trek - considered to be the most beautiful walk in the world, Ghunsa to the Simbua Khola valley, southern approaches and trekking to Kangch from Sikkim

Kangchenjunga Trekkers Guide
by Kev Reynolds

At 28,169ft (8586m) Kangchenjunga in far north-eastern Nepal is the world's third highest peak. It's a huge, spectacular mountain with five tops and five glaciers dominating a spur from the main Himalayan axis. The trek to its base via the Nepalese foothills has been described quite simply as The Most Beautiful Walk in the World.

This book is a guide to that trek. It describes the trails, villages and views, gives a potted history of some of the mountains, and adds background interest for anyone planning to visit the area. It's a sparsely populated region with a greater sense of isolation than in the more popular areas of Nepal. The trails are rougher, the facilities more primitive and the routes less well defined, offering a different kind of experience to that of the more mainstream routes and with the undisputed scenic grandeur for which Nepal is famous.

The author describes three possible approach routes and two link routes, with two main destinations, both in spectacular locations.

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