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Unravel the mysteries contained within a topographical map with this book. Written in Australia so content is relevant for Australians.

Map Reading Handbook

This 63 page booklet is in its 3rd edition and covers essential aspects of map reading and navigation. It comprises 10 chapters that include marginal information, scale, grid references, interpreting ground shapes, relating map to ground, use of the magnetic compass, cross country navigation and aerial photo reading. Colour illustrations and diagrams are extensively used to supplement the text.

The handbook is a recommended reference book for map reading and navigation training and is extensively used by schools and emergency services. Individuals intending to venture into Tasmania's remote areas are encouraged to read this publication before commencing their journey.

Topics included:

  • scale
  • measuring distance
  • grid references
  • ground shape
  • gradients and intervisibility
  • direction
  • compass use and errors
  • map setting
  • position fixing and map enlarging
  • cross-country navigation
  • aerial photograph reading

  • ISBN 0724646582

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