New Website Features

Welcome to our new website! Here are some of the new features:








1. Filters: When in a category, you can filter by size, brand, usage or other relevant product attributes to narrow down your search quickly. Have a look at daypacks for an example. Note: filters are not yet active for all categories.





2. Shop by brands: You can see all the products from your favourite brands by selecting a brand from the drop-down menu on the left. You can also access our brands page from the link in the header.




3. Search for products at any time using the search box. Tip: Use the Advanced Search in the footer if you can't find what you're looking for!








4. Sort by your desired attribute




5. Create a wishlist to come back to at a later date

6. Compare multiple products













7. See multiple product pictures just by mousing over. Click for a large image.


8. Helping out a friend? Easily share product recommendations on Facebook or other social networks!












10. Easily see the items currently in your cart.



9. Read a product overview here, and more details below.