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A guide for experienced bushwalkers, this book covers the less travelled routes as well as the better known ones.

Bushwalking in Kosciusko National Park

By Charles Warner
The author describes the mountains worth climbing, the plains worth traversing, the tracks worth following and the trackless country worth exploring, as well as the best access points and how to reach them, throughout the Park. The seldom-visited sections in the north and south are as well covered as the popular centre.

Much of the Park, nearly all of it described here, is truly wild country that can test all the skills of the walker. The inexperienced and the ill-equipped should not venture far from the principal roads and tourist resorts. The Park can be very unforgiving of ignorance, carelessness and improvidence. This book is written for experienced bushwalkers, ready and able to handle an often trackless wilderness subject to great and sudden changes in the weather. The conditions and hazards special to the Park are fully discussed so that the walker from interstate or overseas may know what to expect and how best to cope. There is also information on the natural and cultural history of the area.

ISBN 0858811545

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