Mont Stormgrid - Heavyweight Fleece Hoodies

Introducing the Mont Stormgrid Heavy Fleece – designed for enduring warmth, comfort and protection. The Stormgrid Jacket is designed with technical features to assist in keeping you dry and warm whilst out in the elements.

Mont's innovative recycled grid fleece fabric boasts micro pockets of air space between the fleece and your body, ensuring superior insulation, breathability and comfort no matter the weather.

The advanced tightly woven fabric face provides wind resistance whilst the Fluorocarbon Free DWR gives the Stormgrid water repellency from wet scrub or light showers.

Whether you're cross-country skiing through the Backcountry or battling fierce winds at the crag, you can trust the Stormgrid Fleece to keep you cozy and protected throughout your adventure.

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