GoreTex Footwear

Bogong stocks a large range of GORE-TEX® Hiking Shoes and GORE-TEX® Hiking Boots. This page shows how GORE-TEX® technology works to keep your feet dry.


The GORE-TEX® footwear system prevents moisture from getting into your shoe. Your feet remain completely dry but can still "breathe". This technology provides the ideal climate comfort in the shoe during all kinds of outdoor activities, even in adverse weather conditions.

All components (leather, textile) and the shoe construction itself are precisely co-ordinated together and subjected to regular quality inspections.

The GORE-TEX® walking simulator accurately recreates the process of walking in wet conditions. GORE-TEX® hiking shoes, from the prototype through to the production model, are tested for long lasting waterproof characteristics by flexing at least 300,000 times. This ensures consistently high GORE-TEX® quality and function. If you choose footwear with a GORE-TEX® lining you can be sure it will function properly: permanently waterproof, highly breathable offering a comfortable climate inside the shoe.

There is more than one type of GORE-TEX® laminate, to address different user situations. For example, you might want waterproof footwear for use in changing conditions. Or, you might want waterproof footwear for a trip where you'll be hiking only in hot weather. Bogong's range of waterproof footwear predominantly utilises one of the following: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort, GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort and GORE-TEX® Surround.

GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort

GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort is an 'allround' type of solution. It's designed for a range of activities and is moderately insulated to deal with changing weather. It is a four-layer system comprised of a textile lining, insulation, a microporous GORE-TEX® membrane and a protective knit.

All components (leather, textile) and the shoe construction itself are precisely coordinated together and subjected to regular quality inspections.

This is used in footwear required for 'four seasons in a day' type scenarios.

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort is missing the insulating layer found in GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort (see above). This makes it more breathable and also lighter. That's why GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort is used in footwear designed for high output physical activities (e.g. trail running), where you're likely to require more heat loss and moisture management.

Being non-insulated, this also makes the laminate more appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors. GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort is also selected for footwear likely to be used in moderate weather conditions. Its focus on breathability and lightness also makes it the choice for shoes that might be worn for extended periods of time.

GORE-TEX® Surround

The GORE-TEX® Surround footwear system provides the highest breathability of all GORE-TEX® products. GORE-TEX® Surround allows warmth and moisture to escape via side ventilation outlets, as well as through the sole of the shoe. This makes GORE-TEX® Surround the best choice for waterproof footwear that you're going to use in warm climates.

In some models, GORE-TEX® Surround uses stretch laminates to allow for more give and a better fit.

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