Hiking Gear

Are you heading away hiking overnight and not sure if you have all of the essentials? The following list will get you pointed in the right direction.

Mont Hiking Pack

Our staff take the time to fit packs expertly to customers. We will send you on your way not only with a quality product but one that fits you properly. It is important to get the hipbelt and shoulder straps set in the right place. Don’t be fooled by “display foam” on some cheaper packs which feels really soft and comfy in the store but will collapse under the rigours of load carrying.

More details on walking packs.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag.
A sleeping bag must be matched against the intended use taking into account such requirements as the likely minimum temperature and the total weight desired. Do you need a down or a synthetic sleeping bag? Which is the best sleeping bag for you?

See our full range of sleeping bags.

Exped Venus II

Your tent is indeed the home on your back. More than any other product tents are a compromise between weight, strength, stability. Read our info page on how to choose a two-person hiking tent.

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MSR Whisperlite

With the increasing prevalence of “fuel stove only areas” the stove has become a vital piece of equipment. Bogong sells stoves that run on shellite, methylated spirits and gas canisters.

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Asolo TPS 520

A well-fitted, comfortable pair of boots makes a huge difference to the quality of your walking experience. Read our 6 Tips for Happy Feet.

Full range of boots.

Mont Tempest

Essential. Must be waterproof and windproof such as the Mont Tempest jacket pictured at left. Bogong has an extensive range of waterproof shells - check out our range of men's hiking jackets and women's hiking jackets.


Outdoor Clothing

Firstly, remember this mnemonic: Cold Cotton Cannot Come Camping! There have been many modern innovations in clothing such as the invention of soft-shell fabrics, wind pro fleece, and efficient wicking fabrics. These fabrics will help improve your safety by shielding your from exposure and increasing your overall comfort.

View our range of men's outdoor clothing and women's outdoor clothing.

Fenix HL40R

Most walkers use a headtorch because of their convenience. Naturally Bogong has a large range. We also carry small conventional torches.

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Don’t leave home without one, but more importantly learn how to use it. We also stock a range of GPS units for the technophiles. For details about GPS click here.

See details about compasses.

Backcountry Food

A topic in itself. As a guide to quantity 900 grams per person per day dry weight is plenty. Bogong stocks three brands of pre packaged dried foods for your convenience - Outdoor Gourmet, BackCountry Cuisine and Chefsway. 

View details about food.

Source Widepac 3L bladder

The Australian bush usually demands that we carry all our water with us. If you are not sure if you will be crossing a creek at some point and that the creek is actually flowing, then you will potentially need to carry several litres of water with you. Whether it be in a soft bladder, a durable bottle or both, you should never leave home without some water on hand.

View our hydration products here.

Optional Extras

Black Diamond Trekking Pole

Trekking Poles
Increasingly being used for stability and more importantly for taking stress off the knees walking poles are becoming an essential part of many hikers equipment kits.

More details about trekking poles.

Equip Rec 1

Other Items.
Here is a list of other items that you will need. Cookware, sleeping mat, first aid and repair kit, pack liner or rain cover, eating utensils, map, guide book, whistle, notebook & pencil, toiletries and wash up items. All of these items are available at Bogong. Optional items such as camera, playing cards and a good novel should be considered.

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