Cape Town to Europe - by bike!

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In 2006 Sara embarked on an epic cycling odyssey, riding her bike from Cape Town to Scandinavia via Cairo an adventure of some 20,000 kilometres that took two years to complete...
It was a two year adventure that was unsupported, largely unplanned and continuous. "Well, almost continuous," Sara adds, "I chose to fall off my bike in the Sinai desert and broke my collar bone, so there was some recovery time in there somewhere." So what were the stand out moments of such an epic adventure? "Well obviously as much as all the places and scenery were amazing, it was definitely the people and their hospitality. We met a Dutch guy who was also cycling when we were in Norway and literally within five minutes of meeting him he'd offered us the keys to his house and car - just incredible generosity." And what of the journey? "Well travelling through Africa compared to Europe could not have been more different. Through Africa it was about roughing it - definitely a more simplistic experience – and we became the star attractions, literally mobbed as we rode into villages. In Europe the experience was cluttered. It was all about seeing things and places.”


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