Via Ferrata


High above the valley but securely clipped in - that's Via Ferrata!

Via Ferrata is an Italian term (translation is iron way). It is used where a route is fixed up a cliff or mountain using fixed steel cables for the climbers to clip into for protection. Access may be facilitated by ladders or metal rungs on particularly steep sections. In this way routes up peaks become accessible to persons who would not otherwise be in a position to attempt them.
Specialised equipment is required which is, of course, sold by Bogong. It is possible to hire guides for Via Ferrata ascents from the mountain refuges and villages in Via Ferrata areas. As mentioned above, a Via Ferrata is a fixed-protection climbing path. The protection consists mostly of heavy-gauge steel wire, periodically fixed to rock, to which the climber clips. In some cases, other types of aids are present, such as rungs of metal, and ladders and bridges.


Equipment needed for Via Ferrata.
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These two excellent English language guide books cover all Via Ferratas in the Dolomites. They are available from Bogong. Click here for details




Climbers can just be seen on the ridge