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          Stephen: Manager
Stephen joined Bogong in 2004. A keen trail runner and road runner, his accomplishments include completing the Melbourne Marathon in under three hours, successfully completing the Bogong to Hotham ultramarathon, as well as having run over all the tallest mountains in Victoria numerous times.

Stephen has also spent a lot of time winter climbing in Scotland - widely regarded as amongst the most challenging ice climbing in Europe. He has also climbed in Spain, Sardinia, UK and Australia, and has completed a solo ascent of Mt Aspiring in New Zealand. These days Stephen enjoys getting away camping with his wife, Sam, and young son, Callum. One such family trip involved three weeks of hut-to-hut walking through the Austrian Alps.

Check out Stephen walking in the Zillertal Alps here.
James: Assistant Manager and Customer Service
Amongst his climbing friends James is known as “Bogong James” and little wonder considering our longest serving staffer first stepped in the door here at 374 Little Bourke Street some 10 years ago. Somehow he just couldn’t find his way out again. James is assistant manager and is also responsible for managing many of our account clients plus the mammoth task of reviewing, sourcing and ordering stock through our numerous suppliers. James’ encyclopedic knowledge of Bogong and all our floor stock, plus his self-confessed leanings towards “gear nerdism” and a love of “tech-talk”, have made him our most revered gear-go-to man.

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    HP: Assistant Manager/Industrial Access
Hans-Peter (aka HP) joined Bogong in 2011 after a two year honeymoon in Europe, during which time he worked for a leading outdoor retailer. He has dedicated his life to the many disciplines of roped activities, stemming from his experiences which include rock climbing in the UK, mountaineering in the European Alps, and most recently working as a ropes access technician. After a brief hiatus from Bogong in 2016 to gain some practical experience in the ropes access industry, he is back in store as part of the management team, personally overseeing the expansion of the industrial ropes access side of the business.
Sal: Customer Service and Admin
Sal was born in Singapore but grew up in Western Australia. He completed a degree in biotechnology after which he found work in a lab for a while before deciding to run his own photography business. He then worked for Paddy Pallin in Perth, eventually becoming a manager.

Sal is a self-confessed gear junky. His primary interest is in climbing and has climbed in New Zealand, Thailand and of course the Grampians and Arapiles. Sal's other outdoor interests include scuba diving and mountain biking. Some of his escapades include riding Mammoth Mountain, walking the Huayhuash with British Mountaineer Simon Yates, completing his Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) in NZ and learning how to skydive.

    Mark: Ski Technician and Admin
Mark grew up in Melbourne and was introduced to the bush at an early age by his old man on hiking trips to the Prom and Mt Howitt. As a teenager he began winter ski tours exploring the Jagungal wilderness, Howitt area and Bogong High Plains.

Mark started working at Bogong in 2004, as he was developing a passion for mountaineering and ice climbing. Several trips to New Zealand followed, but these trips often ended up mostly sitting in Wanaka cafes, waiting for it to stop raining!

Mark has now spent many winter seasons in Canada: skiing in Alberta and British Columbia resorts, backcountry, and climbing ice routes. Back home in Australia Mark entertains himself paddling rivers on home made rafts and slowly learning how to craft his own skis.

Check out Mark's winter trip to Cradle Mountain here.

    Dave: Websales and Customer Service

Dave's interest in the outdoors was sparked by his dad who took the family camping, bushwalking, rock climbing and skiing throughout childhood. His first overnight bushwalk was down to Sealers Cove at the Prom.

Dave has completed an engineering degree but has given that away for the time being to become the Bogong webstore aficionado.

Bushwalking and cycle touring are Dave's key areas of interest. He cites his most memorable trip as Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi (Vietnam) by bike, and then ditched the bike continued overland to Latvia, by train, bus and foot!

See Dave cycle touring in Indonesia here.

Dave on an epic trip in the Western Arthurs in winter.

Scott: Customer Service
Scott hails all the way from the USA - the city of St. Louis Park in Minnesota to be exact

Scott became an avid mountain biker and cross-country skier and was a keen participant in the Boy Scouts of America - bless him!  Through the Scouts, he was introduced to rock climbing and that was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Scott went on to work as an indoor rock climbing instructor for three years during high school in the USA,  2 1/2 years at an outdoor retail shop in NZ, and for the last 3 1/2 years as a lead guide, ice climbing instructor, and team leader at Fox Glacier Guiding in New Zealand.

Scott says he came to work at Bogong to keep himself in-tune with the outdoor community, and because he loves sharing his outdoors passion with customers and being able to suggest products that enable them to enjoy their outdoor experiences.

Watch Scott talk through features of Grivel's North Machine Carbon Ice Axe here.
Mike: Customer Service and Ski Technician
Mike Wasley has been around a bit. He has lived in Whistler, Chamonix, near the sea cliffs of Cornwall, the Pyrenees, and has now settled in Buxton.

Having worked in the Outdoor Industry as a guide on rock, snow, white water, and as an educator-trainer, Mike has a deep sense-of-place for most of Victoria’s special destinations.

And while not climbing frozen waterfalls or ski mountaineering any big peaks for the time being, as he is putting in some quality parenting time, on days off you might spot him skiing around near Mt. Hotham, Lake Mountain or the High Plains or in other seasons climbing on his local crag, the Cathedrals or biking the Buxton trail. Mike also has a passion for randonnée skiing and all facets of climbing.
Gareth: Customer Service
Gareth has been bushwalking for as long as he can remember and is now a keen multi-day hiker. He has a particular interest in lightweight and minimalistic approaches and is continually perfecting his hammock and bivying techniques.

When he isn’t at Bogong you’re most likely to find him pursuing his postgraduate study in environmental science, falling off a bouldering problem, following a remote trail somewhere in Australia, pining for the fjords of Scandinavia, or thinking about ways of making better coffee in the bush.

James: Customer Service
To say that James has an enthusiasm for skiing is an understatement. He has skied extensively at Mt Hotham, Mt Kosciusko, Mt Bogong, Mt Stirling, Mt Baw Baw and Mt St Gwinear to name a few. He has also recently spent a season working in the rental shop at Kicking Horse mountain resort in and skied almost every day. When he is not actually skiing he is often reading about it – which I’m sure must make for an agonising summer.

But that’s not to say that his interests are limited only to the winter months. As well as hiking through most of the popular spots around Victoria he has climbed his fair share of routes at Mt Arapiles, the Grampians and the Cathedral Ranges to boot.


Lita: Customer Service
While Lita was born in Melbourne, she is half Indonesian and so was raised partly there and as well as in Melbourne. This whetted her appetite for exploring different cultures early on. She has worked on a live-a-board diving boat in Mexico, and at a ski resort in Canada as well as having ventured into the wildernesses of Canada, Alaska and South America.

She can often be found hiking, trail running, rock climbing, or skiing the slopes. Lita joined the Bogong crew in 2015, aspiring to increase her knowledge of all things related to the outdoors.

  Anna: Customer Service

Anna has always loved the outdoors having grown up on a property outside of Melbourne, riding horses and building tree houses. She still rides competitively and takes on the odd challenge like the Oxfam Trailwalker and the Gran Fondo.

Anna’s outdoor achievements have been rather serendipitous. Having stumbled into mountaineering on a solo trip across Ladakh in 2009, she swore that her foray up to 6000m would never be repeated. Fortunately for us, she has conveniently forgotten that resolution on countless occasions and has now climbed many peaks in Nepal, NZ, Europe and Alaska.

Anna joined Bogong 2014; she loves helping people get the best gear to realise their intrepid travel plans.

See Anna mountaineering in Europe here.

Dane: Customer Service
Dane says he pretty much lived at the beach during his younger years: snorkelling, fishing and climbing trees. Family camping trips, bushwalking, rock climbing set Dane onto an outdoorsy path during his early years.

After high school Dane worked weekends as an assistant white water/rafting guide on the Murray and Avon rivers whilst training and working as an arborist in Perth. Dane then migrated across the Nullarbor, got married and continued to work as an arborist in Melbourne before taking a job as a climbing instructor. He then completed IRATA training and began working as a rope access technician on some of Melbourne's tallest towers. Dane started at Bogong in 2013.
Mark: Customer Service
Mark has always had a passion for the outdoors, whether it be hiking, climbing, or just getting away from the big smoke. After deferring from university studies he spent the majority of 2014 climbing at Mt Arapiles and Mt Buffalo, ticking off several intimidating routes.

Now back studying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he has finally accepted that he has become a weekend warrior. When he is not at Bogong obsessing over the finer technical details of climbing gear, he squeezes in some climbing at one of Melbourne's gyms, the Burnley Bouldering wall, or zipping out on trips to Victoria's climbing meccas.
Claire: Customer Service
Claire first developed a love for the outdoors through the camps run by her school. She completed a Cert IV in Outdoor Recreation straight out of school and then began group leading for OEG.

She returned to Melbourne to begin a bachelor’s degree but continued her professional connection with the outdoors by joining Bogong in 2013. Claire recently returned from a study exchange in Norway where she conveniently forgot that she was supposed to be studying, and instead spent as much time as possible exploring Norway's beautiful mountains and fjords.

A stroll in the Alpine National Park

Tom: Customer Service
Tom was born in London, however moved to Melbourne soon after. He discovered a passion climbing during some world travels after completing his first degree. On his return to Melbourne he enrolled in a degree in forest science and ecology but more importantly began climbing regularly with the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club. He also enjoys alpine climbing, skiing, snowboarding and occasionally hiking. Despite being something of a late convert to outdoor pursuits he is interested in all aspects of the outdoors, the gear and the idea of getting away from everything and heading out on an adventure.

How did Tom fare on his latest trip to NZ? See here.

Christian: Customer Service
Christian is from Boulder, Colorado. He is a keen climber, having climbed in Joshua tree, Eldorado Canyon, Red Rocks, Bishop, Squamish and travelled to Spain to climb limestone. He also is a keen backcountry tele skier, having had an Epic Season Pass (Colorado) for most of his childhood. More recently Christian has been devoted to his camera, shooting while climbing at Arapiles and the Grampians.
Anja: Customer Service
Anja was born in Norway and caught the travel bug at a young age. Her father was in the Norwegian merchant fleet, taking her to South America, South Korea, Germany and many other countries. Upon finishing school, she travelled to the high Arctic and Svalbard Archipelago where she spent a winter working, skiing, sled dog minding, as well as exploring by boat, kayak and snowmobile. She has now moved to Australia to work and travel and has become fascinated with australian bush, desert and indigenous culture. Her continued hobbies are rock climbing, hiking, cycling and camping and has now completed a degree in natural systems management and currently undertaking research honours in palaeoecology.
Katie: Customer Service
Katie grew up in Perth, which has given her the opportunity to camp and fish all along the western coast of Australia. While she has a range of interests in the outdoors, her primary interests include ultralight hiking and paddling (she has completed the Avon Descent – just). Having completed many of the iconic walks of Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand, she is now itching to do PCT end-to-end…if anyone is willing to dogsit her furry baby for eight months?
Francisca: Customer Service
Originally from Chile, Francisca has skied all her life. In 1999 and 2000 she completed a Level 1 and 2 Alpine Ski Instructor course and for the next 10 years worked as a ski instructor, following winter across the hemispheres, between Chile and Lake Tahoe in California, United States. During this time, Francisca began telemark skiing, which got her into mountaineering. Among her most memorable achievements are ascents of volcanoes and glaciers in central Chile, including Cerro El Plomo, La Paloma Glacier and San José Volcano, which are all high-altitude at over 5000 metres. As if all this wasn’t enough, 12 years ago Francisca also worked as a trekking guide in Patagonia for three seasons, river kayaking and ice trekking on Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park.

Francisca loves nature and recently completed a Master of Environment at The University of Melbourne. In 2008 she also completed a Master of Biodiversity Conservation at Universidad Catolica in Chile. Studying the relationship between ranchers and pumas led to incredible 10-day trips into the mountains, looking for puma scats!

A lover of camping, bird watching, rock climbing and riding her bike, Francisca looks forward to getting more into bike touring and backcountry telemark skiing in Australia.
Merv: Gear Guru and Skiing Legend
Merv joined us in 2005. He has had a long and illustrious association with many facets of the Outdoor Industry. For several decades he worked as a teacher for the Education Department training outdoor educators and developing curriculum. Following this Merv went on to run his own retail businesses. Over the past 40 years he has also been heavily involved with Bushwalking Victoria’s Bush Search and Rescue Unit, initially as a Searcher, then as a Field Organiser. Now he holds the role of Police Liaison Officer within the unit

At one time Merv was a cross country ski instructor with the Australian Ski Federation, which later merged into the APSI. Cross country skiing really has been one of Merv's lifelong passions. In recent years he has skied the 15 long distance races in various countries around the world required to earn the Global Loppet Master Award. Merv was the 137th recipient of this award which is highly prized on the international circuit. In addition he skied two sets of ten international races to achieve two Gold Loppet Masters. Of the 20 Hoppets held at Falls Creek over the years Merv has participated in all but one of them - missing out due to illness. Merv's other interests include rogaining, mountain running and cycle touring. He has cycled south to north across Australia, through the Flinders Ranges and the Birdsville Track, as well as overseas. He has AT skied the Haute Route in Europe and walked the Australian Alpine Walking Track end to end!
Chelsea: Web Content and Marketing
Chelsea was introduced to outdoors through adventurous school trips – the most memorable being two trips to Nepal in the early 2000s to walk part of the Annapurna Circuit and volunteer at Lamosangu School. Prior to this, she spent a week at Outward Bound in Sabah, Borneo, where she did her first overnight hike and paddled rivers on rafts fashioned out of sticks and tyres.

Since then, her choice of equipment has improved: these days Chelsea enjoys whitewater kayaking (after spending a few days at New Zealand Kayak School), but her great love – aside from her husband, young daughter and three-legged cat – is rock climbing. Chelsea is of the “school of Arapiles”, and loves long, wandering climbs in the Wimmera and taking in views of endless yellow canola fields from lofty belays. She is also a keen boulderer and can occasionally be spotted dabbling on easy classics in the Grampians.

Chelsea is an editor by trade and has written for local and overseas climbing magazines. She also co-authored a rock climbing guidebook to Cape Woolamai, which you can take a look at here.