Wide open spaces high in the Victorian Alps

Entered a long distance Trail or Mountain running event?

So you’ve just entered a long distance Trail Running event and found out turning up in shorts and a singlet isn’t going to cut it! Mountain Running events often have a Mandatory Gear List and this is subject to a pre-race check. We prefer to run trails with the minimum amount of necessary equipment, however there are times mandatory equipment may save your life if you are caught out in bad conditions, become lost, disorientated or injured during an event or even out on a training run in the bush. The gear required does vary for each event: often the location, distance and time of the year does determine the gear.

Bogong has sourced the best gear available to keep you moving light and fast but give you the safety, warmth and protection should the situation demand it. Do remember that this is a general guide as your race could require less or more equipment, but this should help you to get the gear you need.

Download our Printable PDF Gear Checklist.

Common Mandatory Gear

Item Example Image
Waterproof jacket with hood  

This is the go to jacket for trail runners. Full weather protection at only 180 grams
Outdoor Research Helium jacket
OR Helium
Waterproof pants*       

Designed specifically for trail running these pants weigh in at a measly 160 grams and incorporate stretch fabrics for better movement
Salomon Bonatti Pants
Salomon Bonatti Pants
Thermal top & Pants (synthetic)

Need to be quick drying wicking type such as these excellent Mont powerdry garments
Mont PowerDry
Beanie & Sun hat    

Lightweight, quick drying and very breathable with it's mesh side panels the Outdoor Research Swift Cap is ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes.
OR Swift Cap
OR Swift Cap
Warm Hat. Beanie or Buff  

The weather can get cold in the mountains so something to keep your noggin warm is a must
Gloves (waterproof*)  

Warm synthetic liner gloves such as the PL150 are best. Some events require waterproof gloves in which case the Outdoor Research Revel shell mitts are ideal.
OR PL150 gloves
Outdoor Research PL 100 glove
Headtorch (backup torch*)

A good LED head torch is essential such as the Petzl or Led Lenser ranges. Some events require a secondary lighting source such as the Led Lenser K2
Led lenser Seo 5
Led Lenser SEO 5 headtorch
Map of area & map case
Ortlieb Document Bag
Ortlieb Document Bag A5

Many packs are fitted with a whistle these days but if not you will need one
Orange safety whistle
 Compass Suunto A10 compass
Suunto A10 Compass
 First Aid kit

A basic kit is required to be carried by many events
Equip First aid kits
First Aid Kit
 Snake Bandage*
Bob Cooper Snake Bite Kit
Snake Bite Kit
 Space blanket     
Life Systems thermal blanket
Thermal Blanket


Other gear you might need

XTM Sunscreen

Many remote race routes are not marked or closely supervised - an emergency satellite beacon may be a good idea.
ACR Resqlink
 GPS watch* 

Not strictly essential but there is hardly a mountain runner out there who does not use some variation on this type of device
Suunto Ambit 3
Suunto Ambit Watch
 Heat pack*  
For alpine events and freezing early starts hand warmers can be handy
XTM Hand Warmer
XTM Hand Warmers
 Pack to put it all in

Bogong has specialist running packs by Salomon, Ultimate Directions and Camelbak
Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 2.0 Ultimate Direction Running Pack
Socks with toes! * Injinji Trail Running Socks Injinji Trail Running Socks

* Optional depending on events


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Wide open spaces high in the Victorian Alps

Mandatory Gear for Mountain Running