Bogong's Gift Guide

Stuck on gift ideas? We’ve made this list to help you.

Gifts for Rock Climbers


James: Assistant Manager, rock climber, head of gear-nerdism

Arc’Teryx Atom LT Hoody

Arc’Teryx Atom LT Hoody


It’s light, warm, breathable, and it looks great. This becomes any climber’s go-to jacket for cool conditions. A mere 360 grams, it’s synthetic, which means it can go in the wash. The best bit? A helmet-compatible hood. Comes in men’s and women’s cuts, a non-hooded version, and lots of colours.

Prana Bronson Pant

Prana Bronson Pant


These pants do everything – the crag, the café… even the office. It’s made of canvas that’s tough, but stretchy. Which means it’s perfect for an impromptu boulder. Also comes in a version with longer leg length, for tall folks.

Also consider: Prana Women’s Bedford Canyon Pant

Grampians Bouldering guidebook

Grampians Bouldering guidebook


The slick-looking new edition of Grampians Bouldering, updated by the guys at Vertical Life magazine. They’ve doubled the number of problems, adding previously unpublished info on six new areas.

Also consider: Nowra Climbing guidebook, Vertical Life Biennial Print Issue 2016

Dippers Chalk Bag

Dippers Chalk Bag


Because you can never have too many chalk bags. Made in Natimuk, a stone’s throw from world-famous Mt Arapiles, every one of these is unique.

Also consider: La Sportiva Chalk Bag Katana, Prana Geo Chalk Bag (with belt), Edelrid Boulder Bag, 8C Plus Chalkball 65gm

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Gifts for Bushwalkers


Dave: Web Sales, bushwalker, wilderness pro

Garmin eTrex 20x

Garmin eTrex 20x


At 142 grams, this GPS unit is roughly the weight of an iPhone 7. But, it’s tougher, waterproof and powered with widely available AA batteries. A GPS unit like this can be a handy back-up if you’re heading somewhere remote or you’re still developing your navigation skills.

Edelrid Bodhi Lantern

Edelrid Bodhi Lantern


This 90-gram lantern comes with a carabiner, allowing you to hang this inside your tent. Better than a headtorch, because it disperses the light. Plus, you can set the brightness level.

Ortlieb Waterbag 10L

Ortlieb Waterbag 10L


What do you do when you’re out camping, and the water source is a good 10-minute walk away? Ferry water bottles? Make multiple trips? This water-carrying bag from Ortlieb is just 160 grams, and can help you transport larger quantities of water easily. With a party of four, with a 10L bag plus a few drink bottles, you could carry enough water to your campsite for dinner, soup, cups of tea and the next morning’s water.

Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker Socks

Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker Socks


Socks are one of those things. Wear a new pair of socks on a hike, and it can make all the difference. These midweight Bridgedales have extra padding underfoot. Made of a wool blend, these keep your feet warm and dry.

Grivel Bubble Mat

Grivel Bubble Mat


It weighs next to nothing, but makes a heap of difference. Lay this down on a hard rock, and the Polystyrene foam not only makes the rock comfier – it also blocks out the cold.

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Gifts for Trail Runners


Lita: Customer Service, trail runner, world explorer

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket


The go-to jacket for running. It’s light, but it can take a downpour. A waterproof jacket is on the Mandatory Gear List for most trail running events. At 180 grams, the Helium II is the perfect option. The HD version has pit zips for ventilation and wrist cinches to keep the weather out.

Also consider: Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Women’s, Outdoor Research Helium HD Jacket, Outdoor Research Helium HD Women's Jacket

Salomon Agile 250 Belt Set

Salomon Agile 250 Belt Set


When you need to carry essentials, but you still want to move freely. Includes a 250ml soft flask for electrolyte solutions, or your own mixed gels.

Dirty Girl Gaiters

Dirty Girl Gaiters


The Dippers Chalk Bag of the running world, these come in outrageous colours. They’re light, stretchy and slip over your shoes to keep trail debris out. Made by trail runners in Green Valley, Arizona.

Outdoor Research Swift Cap

Outdoor Research Swift Cap


A super-lightweight, quick-drying cap with mesh sides for ventilation. The perfect hat for runners.

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Gifts Under $50 for Outdoors Person


HP, Assistant Manager / Industrial Access

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0


“You don’t have to worry about your lighter or matches getting wet.”


Mark, Ski Technician and Admin

GoGirl Female Urination Device


“It's kind of weird for a present. But it's a device that lets you pee standing up.”


Scott, Customer Service

Fixe Bolt Quickdraw Earrings

$46 (in-store only)

“They’re awesome.”

Gifts Under $25 for Outdoors Person


Sal, Customer Service and Admin

LifeVenture Titanium Long-handled Spoon


“For stirring pots, or bush Sundaes…”


Gareth, Customer Service

PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System


“It’s air-tight and lightweight, so you can carry wine on a bushwalk without worrying about a bottle or the wine going bad.”

Also consider: GSI Outdoors Nesting Wine Glass, $14.95


Chelsea, Web Content and Marketing

DMM XSRE Mini Carabiner


“They’re accessory ’biners, but they’re fully spec’ed out. Hot forged. And, they’re rated! To 4kN.”

Stocking Stuffers for Outdoors Person


Mike, Customer Service and Ski Technician

Edelrid Liquid Chalk


“It’s less messy than normal chalk. And it really gets into your pores.”

Rock Empire Rope Marker


“You can mark the middle of your rope without worrying about chemicals damaging the fibres.”

Sterling Rope Wash


“A good size for packing away on a trip.”

More Gift Ideas for Outdoors Person

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