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Wooden hangboard for beginner to intermediate climbers.

Wooden hangboard for beginner to intermediate climbers.

If you're in the training game, this hangboard is a must-have. Designed for the average climber to get better at gripping small holds. Also has a set of warm-up jugs and deep slots.

  • Wood is kind on skin
  • Comes with screws for installation
  • Radiused holds to avoid tweaking fingers
  • 2 jugs
  • 35-degree slopers
  • 20-degree slopers
  • Very deep, 4-finger pocket
  • 2 deep 4-finger pockets
  • 2 deep 3-finger pockets
  • 2 deep 2-finger pockets
  • 2 medium 4-finger pockets
  • 2 small 4-finger pockets (10mm)
  • 2 medium 2-finger pockets
  • 2 medium 3-finger pockets
  • Dimensions: 58 x 15cm
  • Made in England from renewable resources which grow on trees.

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