LA SPORTIVA KUBO Womens Climbing Shoes


Quick Overview

The La Sportiva Kubo Women's is a versatile climbing shoe dedicated to indoor climbing both boulder and lead, ideal for climbers looking for comfort and versatility. European sizing: Sizing Chart

The La Sportiva Kubo Women's is the 'women's fit' version of the La Sportiva Kubo. This means that although it's built on the same last as the men's version, it's adjusted to suit slimmer, lower volume feet. (Obviously, if this describes your foot, gender is irrelevant.) La Sportiva has adjusted the tensioning, using a slimmer midsole and softer rubber.

The Kubo is worth trying on if you're after a gym climbing shoe that is a good blend of techy and comfortable. Not quite as intense as a correctly fitted La Sportiva Skwama, and more flexible than the La Sportiva Otaki.

The La Sportiva Kubo has quite a different feel from most La Sportiva climbing shoes. La Sportiva created a new heel for this shoe, which is loosely similar to the Katana heel, but less severe. The main thing worth noting is that it's integrated into the sole of the shoe, which is what gives this climbing shoe its 'elastic' feel and greater sensitivity.

With Vibram XS Grip2 rubber, it's soft and grippy – perfect for indoor volumes. This is the same rubber and thickness you would find on the women's La Sportiva Katana and Otaki.

Being unlined, the Kubo feels flexy and sensitive, and the midfoot and heel feel quite low-profile. However, the toe box is quite supported, and has a big rubber toe patch for toe-hooking indoors. It also doubles as a bit of protection against the damage done with toe-drag on rough indoor walls.

The La Sportiva Kubo is designed to allow resoling, making this an excellent choice for a training shoe.

The Kubo walks the line between an all-round and techy shoe.


  • Women's/Low-volume fit
  • Newly constructed heel
  • Heel integrated with sole for elastic feel
  • Big toe patch for hooking and protection


  • Upper: Unlined microfibre + suede calf insole
  • Lining: None
  • Fit: Medium width
  • Midsole: LaSpoflex 0.8mm complete + P3 System
  • Sole: Vibram XS Grip2
  • Weight: 340g (pair)

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