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Ski Gear Advice

Merv Trease

While Australia may not offer high mountains that require specialist skills to summit, it does snow. And, Australia's alpine region provides a playground for telemark and cross-country skiing. What's more, our close neighbour New Zealand boasts a spectacular mountain range where you can go mountaineering, ski touring and ice climbing. In this section you'll find tips on snow gear selection and care.



Dynafit ski boot

Skiing: Basic Gear

A rundown on the types of skis, bindings and boots available. Plus, buying tips to ensure you get the right setup.

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Black Diamond skis

Ski Maintenance Tips

Learn about what to check for, basics on waxing and much more. By Merv Trease

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  • Ski Maintenance Tips
  • Thermoforming Heat-Mouldable Liners

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