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The definitive guide to the Tour Of Mont Blanc by well known British publisher Cicerone. There are many wonderful walks in the European Alps and this is perhaps the most popular.

Tour Of Mont Blanc

The Tour of Mont Blanc or TMB (170km, 105 miles) is a classic trek circumnavigating the Mont Blanc massif in about eleven days. The walk follows an established route around the massif, taking the walker into France, Switzerland and Italy. The tour is described in both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions.

In Detail.
The Tour of Mont Blanc is one of the best - if not the best - of the world's classic walks. It circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif in about eleven days. The walk has all the excitement of the high mountains yet none of the worry of altitude sickness. It crosses numerous cols with stunning views of spectacular snow and rock peaks. Accommodation along the route is plentiful.

The 'official' Tour du Mont Blanc follows an established route around the main block of mountains containing not only Mont Blanc but its principal allied summits such as Verte, Chardonnet, Gouter, Géant, Jorasses, d'Argentière, Dolent and numerous others. The author describes the tour both in the traditional 'anti-clockwise' direction and the 'clockwise' direction. There are several alternative routes that subsequently link, and these are also described.

The routes, along with suggestions for alternative exploration, have been created on what the author thinks gives the very best perspective and appreciation of the whole region and provides the best balance of visual return for the physical effort required. At every opportunity recommendations are made that will bring the walker into closer contact with the area and enhance memories of the visit.

This guide is in full colour, and has a good section on points of interest, accommodation details and natural history of the region.

The second edition (2007) includes new routes around Courmayeur and Arnuva and to Lac Blanc.

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