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Climbing Gear Advice

Nina Scott-Bohanna on Jugular Pulse (21), The Watchtower

There are so many different types of quickdraws, screwgates, ropes, rock shoes... the list goes on. Here, we offer advice on how to understand what you're looking at when a wall of shiny gear is staring you down.



DMM Mantis belay device

Belay Devices for Rock Climbing

The four main types of belay devices used for climbing.

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DMM Sentinel Carabiner

Carabiners: A Climber's Guide

Types of carabiners used in climbing. Plus, gate options, and a description of parts.

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La Sportiva Katana

Climbing shoes: How to Choose

Which shoe is best for you? Here's our advice on how to narrow down the choices.

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Climbing shoes

Climbing Shoes: Types

Laces? Velcro? Leather? Synthetic? We explain the pros and cons.

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Edelrid Bud

Glossary for Climbing

Ever felt like climbers speak another language? Here's help. Our glossary will help you translate climber-talk.

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Edelrid Duke II climbing harness

Harnesses for Climbing: How to Choose

7 models to consider.

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Edelrid Zodiac

Helmets for Climbing: How to Choose

The different types, and how to select one.

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DMM Dragon Cam

Maintenance of Climbing Equipment

How to properly care for your ropes, nuts, cams and harnesses.

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Sterling Duetto Dry 8.4mm

Ropes: How to Choose

Rope - it's your lifeline, so make sure you've got the right one.

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Edelrid Eagle Light 9.5mm

Rope Technologies: Edelrid

Here's a description of different treatments, braids and other technology used in Edelrid ropes.

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DMM Wallnut Set 1-11

Trad Rack: How to Build One

Basic elements of a trad rack - nuts, cams, slings, carabiners. Plus, how to make decision on what type and how many of what you need.

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Wild Country Classic Rock Set 1-10

Trad Rack: Starter Kit

Thinking of getting a trad rack? Have a look at these three starter racks. Your options: Very Basic Rack, The Middle Road, The Lot.

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Article Index

  • Belay Devices for Rock Climbing
  • Carabiners: A Climber's Guide
  • Carabiners: 6 Favourite Lockers
  • Climbing Shoes: For Indoor Gyms
  • Climbing Shoes: How to Choose
  • Climbing Shoes: Resoling
  • Climbing Shoes: Stink
  • Climbing Shoes: Types
  • Etiquette: Environmental
  • Etiquette: Where Do Rock Climbers Poop?
  • Glossary for Climbing
  • Harnesses for Climbing: How to Choose
  • Harnesses for Climbing: Kids
  • Harnesses for Climbing: When to Retire Them
  • Helmets for Climbing: How to Choose
  • Maintenance of Climbing Equipment
  • Ropes: How to Choose
  • Rope Technologies: Edelrid
  • Trad Rack: How to Build One
  • Trad Rack: Starter Kit

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